Potty Training

Potty Training

10 easy tips for night-time potty training to help ditch nappies for good

Just because a child is accident free during the day doesn’t automatically mean dry nights will follow. It’s estimated that one in 12 children still wet the bed by the time they start school. If you’re searching for night time potty training tips look no further! Here are 10 of the most useful suggestions from […]

by Helen • June 23, 2015
Do you need help with learning the potty training signs for your child - we have a checklist for you. Click to download it now :-D
Free printable activities & reward charts Potty Training

Parents potty training tips

Potty training can be a touchy subject among parents. It can bring out the competitor in some parents, and it really isn’t a time to get competitive at all. Ideally, it would be good if we can keep an eye on our kids, and see what they are telling us about their readiness to potty train. Child-led potty […]

by Helen • May 12, 2015
wetting the bed
Potty Training

Google Hangout – wetting the bed and how to help

Welcome to another of our Google Hangouts where we talk about everyday subjects around parenting from potty training to teasing at school.  Today, I am joined again by our resident coach, Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching to talk about wetting the bed and to understand bedwetting coupled with nightime potty training. This is something […]

by Helen • January 16, 2015
Potty Training

Parenting tales from the sofa – potty training failure

  Welcome to another parenting tales from the sofa where today we are talking about potty training failure. Becky from Be Confident Coach takes us through her experiences and offers some guidance on how you can deal with failures when potty training does not seem to be working.  Potty training can be a very stressful […]

by Helen • December 31, 2014
Potty Training Live Header
Potty Training

Potty Training Live Starts July 14th, 2014 #pottytraininglive

Most of you lovely people that read the KiddyCharts blog have little people, some of them are slightly bigger little people, and some slightly smaller. For those with toddlers who are about to embark on the journey this is Potty Training, we have partnered with Potty Training Live! to offer our charts as part of […]

by Helen • July 4, 2014
Potty Training Tips Resources
Parenting Tips Linky Potty Training

Parenting Tips Linky: Potty Training

  It is the first Friday of the month (really?), so we are back with the parenting tips linky, and this time because of a partnership that we are launching this month, we are going to be covering Potty Training. The whole kit and kaboodle, everything from starting to Night-time training, and even just sympathy posts, as […]

by Helen • July 4, 2014
Scared of the potty: What can I do?
Potty Training

My child is scared of the potty

  A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with a nanny on social media and she was keen to help out some of our readers, and so we ask to see if there were any specific problems that she could help with. Annie the Nanny has a wealth of experience, and we were sure […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • March 18, 2014
Nighttime potty training: Tips in a hangout
Potty Training

Parenting Snapshots #6: Nighttime Potty Training

Guess what – we are talking poo and wee again – this time Nighttime Potty Training with Kate Barlow on the old parenting snapshot hangout! We love talking about stuff like this; we have already covered withholding when you potty train (not you personally of course ;-)), and the potty training signs to look out […]

by Helen • November 13, 2013
Constipation in potty training: What to do
Potty Training

Parenting Snapshots #5: Withholding or constipation in potty training

We are going to chat poo, or to be more precise witholding or constipation in potty training. Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy is with us again for a Google hangout and following on from the Potty Training theme from the last two weeks when we discussed starting and potty training tips. Kate has written recently […]

by Helen • October 30, 2013
Potty training signs
Potty Training

Parenting Snapshots #4: Potty training signs

Hello again – we are back with another hangout this week; again with Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy. Last week we talked about preparing for potty training, so this week, we are actually going to chat a little more about the right time to start, and the potty training signs to look for in […]

by Helen • October 23, 2013