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Potty training is a very difficult time for many parents. And if you need some advice on potty training and some tips we have plenty for you to choose from. Let’s get started!

So, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Is your little one ready to start training? Check out this article to find out. Or is it possible that your child may be sending you mixed signals about whether or not they are ready? Find out the potty training signs.

Maybe you’re lost for ideas? We have a post on the best books to help your kids go.

Some of the most popular posts on our sites are actually our charts, hence the name, KiddyCharts! We have a lovely training chart for toddlers that we know will help you through this difficult stage.

What is it about toilet training that can be so frustrating for both kids and parents alike? Many parents believe that it’s most difficult and worst part of parenting,

Firstly, it requires a lot of patience. A lot! So much more patience than many of us have. And that’s not only applicable to us but also to our kids. They too, can get frustrated since so much is changing for them.

Secondly, many parents think of potty training as a competition. Guess what? It’s not! As much as you think that how soon you potty train your kids will reflect on your parenting skills, it doesn’t. Every child is different and their personalities also have a lot to do with how quickly they can be potty trained or how long it takes them to adapt to this change. Some kids may even be afraid of the loo or of potty training in general.

So, if you want more tips and advice do have a look at our posts. Good luck and we know you will do great!