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Family travel

Do you need tips and advice on how to make the most of your family travel? We have a lot of recommendations for you!

Traveling can be expensive, but if you know how to plan and organize your family travel it doesn’t have to be. You can, for example, have a perfect cheap family holiday. Find out how!

Here are more travel tips;

Sometimes you can have all the knowledge and have read all the tips online that you could handle, but there comes a time when you have to go from the theoretical to the practical.

That’s why we have so many travel destination recommendations and reviews for you on this page and throughout our site.

From holidays in the Americas, to holidaying in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, and beyond. There is so much to see and do in our big and vast world that you should have a look and start making your family travel bucket list if you don’t already have one.

Have your kids join in on the fun and get creative making plans and itineraries for those destinations. And the best part is, once you are done making lists and planning for it, just get out there! We know that family travel will enrich your kids socially, expand their knowledge of the world, make them more empathetic people, and forge a love of travel that they will take with them throughout their lives.

Cutting activities for toddlers: Road trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? We gave you a planner for one a few weeks ago – and today we have an activity for the car instead in our TIme to Pee club. This is a simple, three pager for you, with cutting activities for toddlers with a bit of a road trip theme for them. Something for them to do on a road trip stop, or a few days before you head off to build the anticipation for them. You must be a member of the Time to Pee Club to download this one – it is our …

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Family road trip planner

Who likes the idea of a family road trip, but isn’t really sure where they should be starting both in terms of organising it, and then getting in the car, and driving? Wherever you are, getting sorted for any holiday if you have kids can be a bit of an organisational headache. BUT, don’t worry, as always, WE have you covered with this family road trip planner that takes the headache out of holidays in the car with the kids. This is only available to our Time to Pee Club members – but don’t worry – it is FREE to …

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