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One day in London itinerary free printable

We love travel on KiddyCharts, and we share what we can, when we can, of our adventures and more to help you and your family to discover wonderful places and things to do with the kids. We have lived near London for 30+ years, and in that time found some wonderful places to enjoy both with and without the kids. Today, we are sharing a printable one day in London itinerary for you for free. This has an emphasis on things to do near the docks and Soho, because they are two of our favourite places in London. To be honest though there is so much to do in London with the family you could spend weeks here!

This is a collaborative post.

What’s included within the one day on London itinerary?

We have divided the printable into three sections, but it is only one page to make sure it is easy to print and carry around with you while you are in London. You can also just keep it on your mobile device of course as well.


Take the tube and go to the Tower of London for a fabulous morning exploring some of the most amazing history in the capital. Check out the Beefeaters, and hear all about the crows, and the secrets of the Tower – not to mention the Crown Jewels.


Stop off along the river for a bite to eat, perhaps at The Dickens Inn at St Katherine’s Dock, and then travel by tube to Trafalgar Square and enjoy the sights and sounds of busy London for free. Watch the street entertainers, and check out the famous Lions in Trafalgar Square. There is also the National Portrait Gallery for those kids who love art, as well as the Cafe in the Crypt at St Martins in the Fields if you want a coffee


Pop to Leicester Square and walk to Soho from there early evening, to check out the restaurants there, and get a little taste of London life with the kids. There are some wonderful Soho restaurants – great for families and couples alike. There is something for everyone!

We have added to your adventures with two bonus ideas for you that you can tag on if you have time, or do on another half day to a day depending.

Minalima (Bonus)

Perfect for all the HARRY POTTER fans out there, and near Soho, so do as an add on, or an “instead of” depending on what you like. This is a wonderful shop and gallery for all those Harry Potter fans out there. Props and graphics galore from the films! There is a bias towards the Fantastic Beasts series because the illustrators within the gallery were heavily involved in these films in particular

Comedy Club for Kids (Bonus)

This is PERFECT entertainment for the kids in Soho after or before you have eaten – for 5 to 14 year olds, and from the Edinburgh Fringe, now based in Dean Street in the Soho Theatre. The perfect comedy night out for the kids!

What does the printable look like?

We’ve created a very simple printable itinerary for you – pop it in your pocket, and take that tube to explore old London town with the family!

To download this free printable, just click on the button below:

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