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Activities for teens

Our teenagers are growing up in a time where technology is king. But what about things for them to do offline? We have so many activities for teens that are going to help you through this stage of your childs development. From creative activities. to learning activities, and so much more this section will feature some of the best activities or teens overall.

You can go straight to browsing the category, but if you need a little bit of inspiration as to where to start we have you covered.

We have some great articles on tech and how to help your kids use it responsibly.

For example;

There’s also content to help you as parents or educators to help you through this difficult stage of parenting. For example, take a look at this post to get us thinking critically on why we continue to promote perfection to our kids on social media.

There’s also a lot of lovely colouring pages to help your kids focus less on colouring online and enjoying the fun of coluring like they used to as kids.

We could share even more posts with you here, but we wanted to give you a taste of what you could expect. Explore the content and find your favourites!

Charades on zoom: Freebie for the summer

Charades is a great game to play with the kids, and we have a free game for you for Charades on Zoom as part of the Time to Pee club. We given you 3-4 free activities a month, usually one a week, just for being a member. You also get 10% off in our shop too, where we provide more great resources monthly as well. Charades is a great way to communicate and stay connected with family and friends wherever they are. This summer themed charades game should keep you and the family busy for a few calls! The game …

If you want to access this content, you need to be a member of the FREE Time to Pee club – come and check it out for more of our wonderful free content. There are loads of great ideas in there for you to check out. You get 10% off in our shop as a member too!

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Family road trip planner

Who likes the idea of a family road trip, but isn’t really sure where they should be starting both in terms of organising it, and then getting in the car, and driving? Wherever you are, getting sorted for any holiday if you have kids can be a bit of an organisational headache. BUT, don’t worry, as always, WE have you covered with this family road trip planner that takes the headache out of holidays in the car with the kids. This is only available to our Time to Pee Club members – but don’t worry – it is FREE to …

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