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Do you like making room for dessert after your meals? Yes, we thought so! Guess what, we love desserts here too. So if you want a dessert that is sweet and tasty then you have landed on the right page.

There are so many types of desserts to enjoy. From peach cobbler, to black forest meringue. The type of dessert that you choose to make for your family is all dependent on your personal taste and preference. This is why we wanted to bring you a plethora of dessert recipes for you to choose from.

Fruit desserts

There are fruit based desserts recipes that can make us feel a little less guilt about enjoying something sweet. If you want a pudding recipe that is fruit based, you will like these;

  • Banana tarte tatin, an alternative to the typtical apple tarte tatin, if your family likes bananas this will be a hit,
  • If you like apples try giving our apple crumble a go, or try,
  • Super simple peach cobbler.

Not all desserts have to be baked. Though, cookies and cakes are definitely popular! If you want something different try these …

Mango sorbet

Our 3 ingredient mango sorbet dessert recipes is such a delicious and refreshing dessert option. This recipe is perfect for summer and it will cool you down and allow you to spend less time making it and more time enjoying it.

Or how about something fruit based but a bit more indulgent like our chocolate stuffed strawberries?

Chocolate stuffed strawberries

Chocolate stuffed strawberries are definitely an indulgent dessert option and one that will make you the most popular dinner host. Or why not give the traditional summer staple of strawberries and cream a twist and opt for something a bit different?

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