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Do you need some book activities to keep your kids engaged with the books that they are reading? This page has a lot of resources that go hand in hand with many of the most popular and educational books that your kids can read.

Let’s take a look at what you can find in this category on KiddyCharts.

Literacy worksheets

There are many literacy worksheets on our site. These sheets are usually resources that accompany some of our kids’ favourite books. The literacy worksheets help your kids put some of the lessons in the books into practice. From practicing their vocabulary, spelling, and more!

Colouring sheets

We have many beautiful colouring sheets for you to print out and colour in with your kids. These sheets are so great for kids because they can unleash their creativity by allowing them to colour in some of their favourite characters while you read to them or even after they have read the stories themselves. For the teachers among you, we do also have an article related to teaching art too, alongside exploring coloring with your kids.

Activity sheets

The activity sheets that we have for you on the site are varied and range from wordsearches to writing prompts. The writing prompts are a great way to use books to get your kids interested in writing stories of their own or to continue the story by using their imaginations and following the prompts.

Some of the activity sheets help continue the conversation by opening up and encouraging dialogue on crucial topics. This helps your kids to think critically and also outside the box.

What we aim to do with our book activities is to encourage a love of reading and make it fun while we do so. Your kids will feel more identified with their favourite characters and they will also be able to connect with the stories that they love. Better yet, you will feel glad that you are helping your kids have a love of books that will stay with them for their entire lives, we hope!