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World Book Day is a day that was created by UNESCO to celebrate books and authors as well as impart a love of reading in kids. It was created in April 1995 and since has become a day for our kids to dress up as their favorite literary characters. We love joining in the fun and giving you and your kids some inspiration and World Book Day ideas to help in the fun. We’ve even got our very own FREE Wellbeing book club called the SHELF CARE CLUB!

Many children love to read, and they love bringing to life the characters that they get to know on the pages of their book. We have a lot of activities for your kids to enjoy and have fun with, but of course, it all begins with the books they read.

If you are looking for inspiration, why not take a look at some of these books?

There’s always so much to be inspired by, isn’t there?

Magazines aren’t books, we know that, but they also can help with your kids love of reading. So why not join in on our 14 day magazine reading challenge? We have a lovely certificate to go with it after the kids complete the challenge so do take part.

But if you prefer to stick to books, try our reading challenge instead.

We also have tips to help you as parents, for example, you can use the power of books by finding out how to use reading to help anxiety in kids.

Take a look at the site and we are sure you will find something to inspire your kids and to help them continue with their love of reading.