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Reading challenge for kids

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If you are stuck at home we thought a 7-day reading challenge for kids would be really fun, as well as having a great educational touch. So we have teamed up with Sooper Books, a bedtime stories website to help us all out and make it a little bit easier to find books for the challenge! This works as a great challenge for anytime of year, or even a summar reading challenge too; making sure that kids don’t lose their love of reading while they are away from school.

This post contains affiliate links for Sooper Books.

free 7 day trial reading challenge for kids

If you haven’t heard of Sooper Books, it was set up last year by Charlene & Simon. A creative couple from London. Their contemporary fairy tales and original stories have been read and listened to 7 million times. That even gives David Walliams a run for his money.

Ths website gives a hint as to why this case, with some gorgeous illustrations. There are even some stories that have really fun animations. Each story is 5-10 minutes long, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time too, which we really like.

All this means it is a great tool for use in our reading challenge for kids.

Speaking of which, let’s get to it.

Reading challenge for Kids: How it works

  1. Click here to set up your free 7 day trial reading challenge for kids on Sooper Books
  2. Print the challenge chart we have created so you can keep track of the reading challenge progress (see below)
  3. Read one story per day and check each story off the chart as you go

Oh, and we’ve included a little cut-out badge on the activity, which is always a nice little motivator for the challenge.

Our kids love a badge – we hope that yours do too?

If you’d like to carry on your Sooper Books membership it’ll be £7.95 per year.

At less than a pound a month, we think that presents good value for the time that children will spend within the app. Having said that, if you feel it’s not for you, simply cancel before the 7 day trial ends and you won’t be charged.

7 day trial reading challenge

Reading challenge: The 7 free bedtime stories

As always, we’ve included the links here for ease:

Day 1 – Candy King

This is one of the most popular stories on Sooper Books. As the title suggests it is about a little boy who eats a lot of sweeties, so many in fact that very strange things start happening. Will he ever manage to stop his nasty sweetie-eating ways?

Day 2 – The Princess And The Pea

Again, a very popular title and packed full of fabulous animated illustrations. This retelling is short, fun and will have your kids gripped from start to finish. The question is, how many mattresses will the Queen mother prepare for the Princess?

Day 3 – The Toads

Recently published and fast becoming a reader’s favourite. This bedtime story is about Mr and Mrs Toad, who meet a very unwanted guest on their way across the road. Who is this unwanted guest and will the toads make it home safely?

Day 4 – The Ants

Super silly, short and funny bedtime story about a group of ants who all get sore bottoms swinging on their favourite swing. But what is their peculiar solution to this bottom-nipping problem? We bet you can’t guess.

Day 5 – The Fast Lane

This is an award-winning rhyming bedtime story about a little hedgehog taking her highway safety exam. Wonderfully written and illustrated and full of drama from start to finish. This is probably our favourite story of the week. 

Day 6 – Charlie Bryce

Another super silly bedtime story about a little boy with a head of revolting lice. But what happens when a louse jumps onto one of his classmates? The chaos that ensues is really not to be missed.

Day 7 – The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We loved the retelling of this classic story. It has a very simple storyline, but the illustrations are captivating. We were definitely not expecting the troll to look like that. The purple hair really is something to behold.

Reading challenge tip

Depending on the reading level of your little ones, these bedtime stories should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes per day. We find that listening to the audiobook is a great way to bring the story to life, so you may want to listen to each story before reading it.

Reading challenge: The free printable chart

Reading challenge for kids

To download this, just click on the circular image below and the free activity sheet for the reading challenge if yours

We hope you really enjoy this wonderful reading challenge. Happy reading! If you like it, why not share it with your friends?

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