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We have a DOUBLE TREAT for you today:

  • A free set of Easter Writing worksheets, and
  • A very simple eBook for £1.99 with a few more sheets included within it. 33 to be precise!

Both will be great for entertaining the kids over the Easter period, or helping to keep your class interested after too much Chocolate!

Here is our fantastic eBook on the site – just for the price of a coffee as always. The product provides lots more information on what is included within the Easter writing eBook too.

Free Easter writing resource

For our free resource, we have some gorgeous Easter themed tracing sheets from the eBook to pass on to you. We are including the following activities for you all:

Lots of fantastic curved letters for kids to trace all with an Easter theme including:

  • Chick,
  • Cross,
  • Easter bunny,
  • Easter egg,
  • Spring, and
  • Tulip.

We are sure that there will be something that your kids will love here!

So why not download them now?

<< Download the FREE Easter Writing Sheets >>

Reminder to download our Easter writing eBook

If you like these though, check out the full Easter writing eBook as well? Help us keep giving you most of our resources for free by donating a little bit to keep the site going.

Gorgeous Easter Writing activity - four pages, and the option to buy a fabulous eBook for Easter writing activities with 33 pages! #ebooks #Easter #Writing #Homeschool #EasterActivities #Learning

Other free Easter resources on KiddyCharts

Of course, we have a LOAD of other wonderful free activities and printables on the site for Easter:

We do have some delicious Easter recipes as well, so make sure you check out our Easter cake and cupcakes too.

If this doesn’t Easter-fy you enough, then what about checking out these other writing activities?

  • Playdough to Plato has a lovely Easter egg writing and craft activity,
  • Still Playing School has a pre-writing Easter egg activity, and
  • Gift of Curiosity has a Q-tip Easter writing task for you to get stuck into.

As always, it has been a pleasure having you pop over and see us today. If you like the content that we provide here, do look at the other free printables that we have produced. There is something for everyone. We have a regular weekly newsletter, so do sign up for that, so you don’t miss our weekly resources.

Remember that we have a gorgeous eColoring book for kids and adults to do together to sell on the site for those with mental health issues – $1 or £1 to charity for everyone of them that are sold. Do check this out too.

Hope to see you again soon. And do pin this article, or any of the other ones we have, for later. 525,000 people over on our Pinterest can’t be wrong!

Gorgeous Easter Writing activity - four pages, and the option to buy a fabulous eBook for Easter writing activities with 33 pages! #ebooks #Easter #Writing #Homeschool #EasterActivities #Learning

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  • Themed sheets are so fun! They are a great way to highlight the time of year along with having something fun and educational.

  • This is perfect since I am currently looking for Easter-themed worksheet for the boys. You just saved me since I am really having a tight schedule for the next few weeks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kids love getting all playful and creative so the worksheets would be a nice idea to keep them tracing and creative over Easter!

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