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We love travel, and there is nothing better than hopping on a plane to Europe to explore some of the diverse and amazing countries that are included within this wonderful continent.

There are many different cultures, landscapes and famous landmarks on the shores of Europe, many of which are well known. From London to Copenhagen, we try and reveal some of them. However, we also like to explore those locations which you may not have heard about before, such as Denmark, and Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

KiddyCharts is based in the United Kingdom, so a number of our adventures have taken place here too. We have included visits to Bristol, and Winchester within the travel pages on the site.

We provide general advice on what to do within the locations, as well as specific information on accommodation that you can use to explore some of the locations within Europe.

We cover locations for city breaks, as well as longer holidays within these travel pages.

We hope that you will find some inspiration for your travels here; we have ideas for locations, as well as accommodation options for you when you travel.

Why not see for yourself what locations we cover in Europe, and use them to decide where your next holiday might be within the continent. If you what more information on any of the ideas that we have, feel free to drop us a line and we can see if we can help you with any questions that you have.