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Being kind is a lesson that children learn from a very early age. From learning to share your toys, to saying please and thank you. Being kind is something that is ingrained into our kids and becomes second nature. As kids grow older though, it may get a bit trickier. If you want some lessons in being kind and kindness ideas for your kids then we have a lot for you to take advantage on from the site.

Take a look and find some kindness inspiration!

We have free activities for kids, ranging from printables to kindness activities that kids can work on.

Here are some lovely printables for your kids to check out, have a look!

There are also a lot of ideas too. For example, take a look at 5 tips to inspire positivity and kindness in your kids. Or how about, teaching your kids to do something for others by having your kids learn how to send a care home resident a letter. This is a lovely way to show your kids empathy and help them do something for others.

Being kind and showing kindness are very important lessons for our kids to learn and something that if they are taught at a young age they can take with them for the rest of their lives. From printables specific to being kind, and random acts of kindness, we want you to be able to have some lovely sources for your kids to be able to easily act out random acts of kindness.

Why not incorporate kindness activities into another part of school or home learning? We’ve got a few amazing pointers on teaching art to kids that could complement kindness activities as well.