We have another wonderful free printable for you - an advent for Christmas with kindness acts on it every single day of December. Get the kids to spread the joy go on! #BeKind2017 #52KindWeeks #RAOC #AdventCalendar

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar for the kids (and you!) #52KindWeeks #KindnessDay

So, we are doing a giveaway advent this year for Christmas, and we always do one. It has given us the idea of doing a lovely printable for you; as part of the Christmas festivities – a Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar for the kids! 24 days in December, and every single one of […]

by Helen • November 10, 2017
Show us all the Kindness in the world - we need to know; it is lovely to hear the stories, and to help create them. #52KindWeeks #BeKind2017 #BeKind

Introducing #52KindWeeks: Sharing your kindness experiences

Use #52KindWeeks to share anything to do with being kind; it is for EVERYONE. You don’t have to be a blogger, vlogger, Instamum. It is all inclusive. A single ripple created by one random act of kindness can amplify to create a wave. Tell us when someone is kind to you, or when you perform […]

by Helen • October 31, 2017

blogfoster UK: 5 reasons to monetise your blog with the new kid on the influencer marketing block

I have been blogging for over five years now, but I am still learning. There isn’t a week that goes by without me finding out about something new. And this week was no different, when I signed up to the new influencer marketing platform, blogfoster UK. It is a pleasure to work with influencer marketing platforms, […]

by Helen • March 9, 2017
FunFest UK

Get half price tickets for FunFest today; the blogging conference for you and the kids!

FunFest UK Is Back For 2016 – and we’re offering you half price tickets! The UK’s only family oriented blogging summit is back on Saturday 10th September, with the organisers promising it to be bigger and better than the highly successful first outing. The one-day conference, networking and brand ambassador programme offers both brands and […]

by Helen • August 29, 2016
Freelancing is an interesting business to be in - but we don't work for free; we offer wonderful skills, and we deserve to be paid for them.

The truth about FREElancing exposed! #NationalFreelancersDay

I just discovered that it is National Freelancer Day today – I had my head down working and it very nearly passed me by. FREELANCER That’s what I am; both as a blogger and in social media too. It is a liberating job, and has been a wonderful way for me to work so that I […]

by Helen • June 9, 2016
We have the perfect gift list for bloggers everywhere. What would you add to the list though? What gifts would you like to help with your blogging and the balance in your life.
Blogging Great giveaways for kids & parents

The perfect blogging gift list

Today we are talking Santa’s wish lists in 12 Days of Parenting, do check out some of the other posts from my fellow bloggers including Spice, Life and Laugh and Monkey and Mouse. I am trying to focus on my parent blog at the moment, I thought I would chat about bloggers gift lists, or wish […]

by Helen • December 14, 2015
Are you looking to use Pinterest to get your traffic to your site? We have five ways to optimise your profile to improve traffic and make your profile more appealing to visitors. In addition, we include a presentation that will help you use Pinterest with success.

Five things you must do to optimise your Pinterest profile to help increase your website traffic

Pinterest is a wonderful source of traffic for your website or blog; it can be the main source for some whose products and articles are very visual and practical. Articles that provide inspiration and advice to others typically do very well on Pinterest. There are a number of things you can do to with your […]

by Helen • October 11, 2015
Sometimes you need your friends to help show you the positives in life - what is YOUR one positive that has happened to you recently? I reached out to friends - any all those little things make a BIG difference!

One positive thing: Always look on the bright side of life

Do you ever feel a bit down sometimes, and really just don’t know why? It can be very difficult as a parent to stay positive when you have one of those days when the kids just aren’t listening, or no matter what you try it just doesn’t go as planned. I felt precisely like that […]

by Helen • May 19, 2015
Do you spend a lot of time on the phone when you are out with the kids? Are you paying them enough attention? Don't miss them growing up because of your phone, try and be disciplined in using it, and the rewards are worth it!

Are you an iPhone mum?

  Do you spend too long looking at your Smartphone and not your kids? I have had many a lively discussion about using my iPhone, or any Smartphone, when on a family day out with the kids. I am desperate not to become an “iPhone mum.” I want my kids to remember me with a […]

by Helen • May 7, 2015
What the hell is vlogging anyway? I am about to find out as we are now a Channel Mum, upcoming vlogging talent, so from now on expect more videos from us here and everywhere else, even on Pinterest!

OMG I’m only a blooming vlogger now – thanks Channel Mum!

At the end of March, things were a little frantic in the KiddyCharts household, we were preparing to go ski-ing and for some insane reason I decided that this would be a good time to apply to be a video blogger on the new Channel Mum venture, set up by the same lovely lady that […]

by Helen • May 1, 2015