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Positive writing prompts for kids emotional development #31DaysOfLearning

We have the delightful Kate from Refined Prose today in our 31 Days of Learning event – and I’ll let her tell you all about what she is going to be sharing with us all.

When I was invited to take part in #31DaysOfLearning I was thrilled because, while I’m plainly not a crafty blogger, I like to think my passion for our children’s emotional wellbeing shines through in my writing and the topics I cover. With that in mind, I won’t be attempting anything spectacularly crafty – I’ll leave that to the many experts I’m privileged to be joining in this series. Nevertheless, I hope this activity, covering positive writing prompts for kids, will inspire your children to get outside, connect with nature, and become acquainted with journalling!

Today I’ll be sharing a printable taken from my children’s ‘Happy Journal’.

Positive writing prompts for kids to help emotional development

What is journalling?

Journalling is essentially writing. It’s a bit like a diary, but often with the goal of self-improvement, or, if the connotations of that word are too whimsical for you, of mental clarity leading to improved resilience. Writing is an incredibly powerful tool that can focus one’s attention, allowing us to analyse our emotions and respond to stress and anxiety in a more rational way.

Thoughtful schoolgirl sitting on windowsill alone in her room, writing or drawing in notebook - positive writing prompts

Why is journalling so good for kids?

Journalling is excellent for all ages; I say this based on research and my personal experience. And it’s wonderful to forge good habits in our children early on. Some benefits of journalling for children include developing confidence, responsibility, and empathy.

schoolboy sitting on at desk writing in a notebook positive writing prompts

Getting out in nature for improved mental health

The printable I’m sharing today is based on nature and our senses. This is very deliberate since as a parent I understand how difficult it can be to get our children outside! However, I also know from experience that once you’ve kicked them out, there’s no better thing for them and – (almost!) without fail – they’ll relish the outdoors too!

Positive writing prompts for kids to help regulate emotions

The activity I’m sharing is simple, but effective. You are encouraged to take your child somewhere beautiful and serene, perhaps pack a picnic and go ‘forest bathing’ (don’t worry – that’s just a silly expression for immersing yourself in nature!), or simply lay in a park and cloud watch for a while.

Positive writing prompts for kids emotional development #31DaysOfLearning

The printable is basic, with fields for your child to complete about their favourite sights, smells, and  sensations in nature, as well as ways they take care of the environment and ways they could take better care of it. There are also some flowers that can be coloured if you take crayons along. That’s it!

The idea behind this exercise is both to recalibrate your child’s mood by forcing them to be mindful and take in sensory input, and also to think about the world around them. There might be a little bit of an agenda in that second part, because sustainability is a huge issue for me, and I take every opportunity to share my enthusiasm with the next generation – the ones who will hopefully make right some of what we’ve done wrong.

I hope you enjoy joining your little one in this sedate and calming activity!

We think that this is a lovely activity for you all to try; why not also check out the fabulous journal from the blog as well. If you wanted a few more resources on anxiety and helping to calm your kids – do take a look on the rest of the site too:

Anxiety in kids

Ideas from KiddyCharts to help with kids expressing themselves, and focusing on improving mental health.

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Kate is a WAHM and wife, breastfeeding advocate, environmentalist, and small person-referee. You can find her at The Less-Refined Mind, blog and home to Peonies & Peace, which sells positive and ethical apparel and journals. This is also where she documents her efforts to think better, live better, and feel better – whilst nurturing two feisty and precocious little girls, and maintaining her sanity positivity.

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