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Separation Anxiety: 5 reasons why you need to recognise it in your child

We have a guest post todayon Separation Anxiety, which is a very real problem for both parents and children alike. Stacey Turner is the author of a series of books designed to help with a number of childhood first such as going to nursery; My Tiny Book (available from Amazon) Separation anxiety is the anxiety […]

by Stacey Turner • October 18, 2017
Coping with anxiety is tough for kids - they sometimes needs a little bit of help, and our free printable worry tree could be the perfect solution. Its a great resource, and easy to use. Just write your worry on an apple, and print our our tree so you can banish the worry forever...or at least get your kids to ease it little.
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Free worry tree to help ease your kids fears

Even little ones need help coping with anxiety; worrying is part of life as an adult, and children can struggle to cope with the stresses and strains that their life throws at them. Something that appears to be a little worry to you, can be a very big thing for a three or four year […]

by Helen • April 24, 2015
It is hard when are kids are shy - what do we do as a parent to encourage that confidence, but also not to undermine them so they feel we are criticising the way they react to those situations - here are some ideas to help build confidence in your children....
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No more shy kids: how to effectively boost your child’s confidence

  “Hey, I want you to meet my boy,” Says an eager and proud parent to friends and neighbours. The neighbour replies: “Oh, he is so cute. If only he doesn’t hide his face that much.” Have you been in one of these situations? Have you been in social gatherings and casual meet-ups where your […]

by Jeanette Anzon • March 20, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting snapshots: How to cope with Separation anxiety

In this week’s parenting snapshot we talk about separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety is more common in younger children and toddlers, especially when they are aware you are about to leave them.  There is no set age when it starts occurring but the usual age seems to be  between 1-2 years old and often with no […]

by Helen • October 15, 2014
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Parenting tales from the sofa: Child anxiety

  We recently met up with Beckie Whitehouse, life coach from Be Confident Coaching, to discuss child anxiety and how we can help them deal with their worries.  Many things can spur worries in your child including starting a new school, a new baby or moving house.  Life events such as these can have an effect […]

by September 10, 2014
Anxiety in children: How can we help
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Parenting Tips Linky: How to help with anxiety in children

My daughter can be a bit of a worrier, and I know that she isn’t the only one as well; anxiety in children can be a serious worry for us parents. How to deal with it, how we can ease fears, and so on. Therefore, in a time when many kids are going back to […]

by Helen • September 5, 2014
World Blood Donation Day: Tips for donating
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Why 45 mins of your time could save mummy’s life…. #GiveBlood

This is a sponsored post. That’s a pretty bold statement isn’t it….but according to the World Health Organisation (WHO): “Every day, about 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. “ One of the key causes of these maternal deaths is complications caused by severe loss of blood. Today is World Blood Donation Day and WHO, supported by Benenden, […]

by Helen • June 14, 2014
Preparing your child for preschool: What can you do

Pre-schooling for your toddler: 5 things you should know

Photo Credit: Pregnancy and Baby – Preparing your child for preschool or daycare The pre-schooling transition may be something big for your child; it was perhaps less so for mine as they had been in nursery for a while, but new situations are never easy for little people. It is natural for them to feel […]

by Helen • June 11, 2014
Bedtime routine: Make it positive

Five steps to a positive bedtime routine for kids

As my daughter has got older, her worries have become more pronounced. I have written about her anxieties on the blog before, and we have tried to alleviate them with various methods within our bedtime routine, from posters to help them take flight, to worry stones that she can use to “take her worries away” […]

by Helen • May 13, 2014
Personalised Posters for Worried Children
Free printable activities & reward charts

How to help a worried child with simple personalised posters

You may have noticed that Chatterbox, my eldest, can be a little bit of an anxious child. Night-time seems to be when her worries come out the most; it’s when I process what has happened during the day and she is no different. Our resident parenting coach has offered some assistance on what to do […]

by Helen • March 7, 2014