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Coping with anxiety flashcards for children, teens and adults

Anxiety can be so hard to manage, for both kids and adults. Something that helps us understand is to see where our response has come from. In addition to this, positivity and affirmations about ourselves helps support us, and train our brain to move away from the primitive brain response anxiety originates from. These coping with anxiety flashcards are focused on giving us ideas and positive self talk to help us to move away from the negative though patterns that can feed anxiety.

We have two sets, one for younger children, and one for teens and adults – the ideas are the same, the designs are just that little bit different on the anxiety flashcards. Positivity is a powerful tool in our search for good mental health. Don’t forget to sign up for our mental health series while you are on the site. Do check out all our mindfulness resources too while you are here. If there is something you want to see, feel free to contact us as well.

We know how hard it is to manage anxiety, and we really hope that these coping with anxiety flashcards help you, and others to work through it when it strikes.

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What is included within the coping with anxiety flashcards pack

This set of sheets includes 8 pages of affirmations, and positive thinking ideas to help change your mindset, and move thoughts from a more negative to a more positive place.

The phrases included within the cards are:

  • This is tough, but so am I,
  • My anxiety doesn’t define me,
  • Who I am right now is good enough for me,
  • I can overcome difficult situations,
  • Even on my worst days, I am loved,
  • I will get through this,
  • I have the ability to cope,
  • This feeling will pass,
  • This feeling is a signal to take a deep breath,
  • I am in control,
  • This is a normal human emotion,
  • I am a fighter,
  • My feelings are allowed to be here,
  • I’ll be glad I did this when it’s over,
  • Worrying does not help me,
  • I’ll do the best I can, and
  • I am a work in progress.
  • I can learn from this, and it will be easier next time,
  • Thoughts are not facts,
  • Thoughts will come and go and this one won’t last forever,
  • My body is calm,
  • This feeling is a normal reaction, I will use my coping skills to respond with thoughtfulness and self compassion,
  • I am worth of a peaceful life,
  • I am good enough, I love and accept myself the way I am,
  • I love my uniqueness,
  • My body is a little revved right now. I am OK,
  • I don’t have to figure this all out right now. I will trust the process, and
  • Anxiety and panic can NOT hurt me.

There are 28 ideas and thoughts on the first four sheets for you. Some are repeated to keep you on track. Here are the remaining ideas for you:

  • I am not in any danger. It’s just my mind playing tricks on me,
  • I am getting stronger every day,
  • I grow stronger every time I overcome my anxiety,
  • With each breath, I become calmer, stronger, and more confident,
  • As long as I am happy, I don’t care what others think,
  • I am not afraid to make mistakes,
  • Just focus on the things I can control. Forget about the things I can’t,
  • I believe in myself and my abilities,
  • I focus on the good people in my life,
  • I can overcome my obstacle,
  • My brain is thinking. This thinking is a habit that I learnt a long time ago,
  • Self care is important,
  • It is OK to say no for my mental health,
  • I feel safe, calm and at peace,
  • I give myself permission to take a breath, and
  • I am courageous.
  • I am strong and capable of managing anxiety,
  • The panic I feel is temporary,
  • I can choose to focus on the positive and take care of myself,
  • I can take one step at a time and do my best,
  • I am surrounded by people who care about me and support me,
  • I have the tools that I need,
  • My anxiety doesn’t have to stop me from achieving my goals,
  • I am brave for facing my anxiety head on,
  • Anxiety is just an uncomfortable feeling. I am going to be alright,
  • I know what my anxiety is trying to do. I won’t let it,
  • Anxiety is reminding me to slow down my breathing,
  • I have shy moments just like everyone else,
  • I choose to feel good,
  • I am safe right now, and
  • I am proud of myself.

This is another 31 ideas, which is a total of almost 60 suggestions for you to help manage anxious thoughts. We do hope that these coping with anxiety flashcards give you some important inspiration for overcoming your more difficult and challenging thoughts.

What do the kids flash cards look like

Our first three pages include the cover sheet, and two pages worth of inspiration for you.

Above are the final flash cards for you. These are all the children’s coping with anxiety flashcards. The teen and adult ones have slightly different designs.

Coping with anxiety flash cards for teens and adults are tweaked

These designs have the same statements on them, but they are slightly simpler with blue, and pink pastel cards.

How to use the flash cards

In order to use these, you just need to cover them using a laminator and print them out. We love the Fellowes laminators, but you can also get card pouches to laminate them with too. With these, you need to cut out the cards first, and them laminate individually.

Once laminated, you can choose to use them however you want:

  • Use them randomly in the morning to start the day off positively,
  • Carry some around in your wallet/purse/handbag, and when you need them, take them out,
  • Pick three to use before the go to bed to end on a positive note,
  • Pick a few randomly throughout the day to keep positive,
  • Use them within counselling sessions with kids, or adults to help change the narrative, and give more positive views of thoughts. One of the key premises of CBT is that thoughts are thoughts and NOT facts, for example, and
  • Any other ideas, let us know!

To download these two versions of the cards, click on the buttons and images below that correspond to what you would like to have.

This image is depicting a person taking a deep breath and recognizing their feelings as valid, while also recognizing their strength and resilience to fight through difficult emotions.
The image is depicting the process of calming down and regaining control over emotions and thoughts by taking deep breaths and focusing on the things that can be controlled.

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Thanks as always for coming to see us.

This image is providing resources for mental health, such as coping with anxiety flashcards, to help people manage their anxiety.

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