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Free Happiness Planner for kids

The happiness planner is an activity form the brand new children’s activity book “Create Your Own Happy” (UK affiliate link) written by Becky Goddard-Hill and Penny Alexander.

Create Your Own Happy encourages children to take responsibility for their emotional wellbeing and develop robust happiness skills and a growth mindset. This lovely activity encourages children to plan for happiness and to build it into their everyday life. It is such a simple thing to do, and perfect for your kids to start their school day with, in the right mindset.

The Happiness Planner

Even if the day ahead seems gloomy or dull you can still plan it to include some bright and happy things to look forward to. You are the designer, the painter and the sculptor of your own life to a large extent and it is super helpful to know this.

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The Power of Planning

As you plan your day think about balance – some of your happy activities might be social, some sporty, some might be relaxing. Do try to get a good balance of things in your day, Also plan when you are you going to do these activities rather than leaving it open and vague. Having definite time slots and a thought out plan will stop you putting things off and make sure you get things done. It may not sound fun but be being organized will definitely make you happy as it
ensures you get the happy things done!


Each morning for the next week, right after breakfast, try sitting down and filling in your happiness goals for the day.

Write in 3 things every day that you KNOW will make you happy and commit to doing them. Ideas could include phoning your best friend, playing your happy music playlist, taking your dog for a long walk or watching your favourite TV show.

Fill in the planner then tick off the activities as you do them.

Click the picture below to download

Happiness Planner

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Thanks as always for coming to visit us today, and make sure you check out the Create Your Own Happy on Amazon too, for lots of other wonderful ideas to give your kids that all important positive mindset!

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