There are only two things you need to be a successful parent
Parenting Tips

The only two things you need to be a successful parent

Is There a Secret to Successful Parenting? Over the years I’ve had more people than you would think ask me if there’s some particular thing they can do to ensure they get parenting right. They never used the word ‘secret,’ but that desire for a key or some other magic piece of information to unlock […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • November 25, 2016
how to talk to kids about money so they will listen
Parenting Tips

How to talk to kids about money so they listen

“And at the start of the fiscal year the economy retracted, which lead to a downturn in…” is exactly not how to talk to kids about money! Get on their level, make it interesting to them and relevant, and I promise you have made your job a whole lot easier. How to talk to kids about […]

by Helen • June 17, 2016
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Free Activities For Kids

Games to play for a perfect parent child relationship

How these DVDs can support parents to have the best possible relationship with their child With the endless tasks of being a modern day parent, making sure you fit in daily quality time with your children can sometimes be difficult. Shockingly, statistics show that two thirds of communication between a parent and child is about daily routine. “Have you brushed your teeth, […]

by Helen • April 6, 2016
Out the fun back into your relationship post kids with our free love coupons for your other half. From days as a spa to a bit of bedroom sexy time, we have the love coupon for you. And even if you just want to give that special someone some time to themselves, we have it covered! Love coupons that recognise the chaos of being a parent too!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free printable love coupons: Designed with parents in mind

Love coupons; so what the hec are they then? Well, the idea if simple, they are simple coupons that you can give your other half offering to do something that little bit special for them. We have some to share with you today as part of the Love Blog Hop we are doing with some […]

by Helen • January 12, 2016
Do you work with vulnerable children, or children generally, and need to know the signs that there is something going on at home that they perhaps need help with? For teachers, carers,and friends, we have some key things to look for in children to spot child abuse. It isn't a pleasant subject, but sadly spotting the sign of chid abuse are important for many child professionals.
Behaviour training tips for parents

16 things to look for to help spot vulnerable children

In the UK, over 950,000 children experience domestic abuse each year of which 30,000 will live in a refuge. Whether as direct victims of abuse or by witnessing violence, the experience is highly traumatic, often resulting in psychological and physical issues which continue into adulthood. Although there is now a clear acknowledgement of the harm that […]

by Helen • January 6, 2016
If you are struggling with your child's behaviour and they just aren't listening to you. This really is the answer.
Behaviour training tips for parents

One simple reason why your child isn’t listening to you

Isn’t it amazing how words like ‘ice cream’ or ‘park,’ or anything else that strikes kids as fun are heard right away. While anything boring, like it’s time to clean up your toys or go to bed, can sail right over their heads simply by your children pretending they never even heard it in the […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • November 12, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

The only way to offer your toddler choice to stop those meltdowns

I have to say I love having lots of choice. If I find a great top and it only comes in one colour, I’m disappointed. If it comes with tons of colour choices I’m going to feel much happier, even I pick the same colour every time. Ok, so I’m a creature of habit. We […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • October 28, 2015
Back to school - never a good time for us mums, but why does it come with such mixed emotions for both parents and children. Back to school sucks!

30 reasons I love back to school…and 10 reasons I hate it!

I am writing this next to a precariously piled mountain of washing while listening to a soundtrack of my kids arguing over the noise of Nickelodeon. It doesn’t help that the first half of the summer holidays has been utterly dire and we’ve all be suffering slightly from cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong – […]

by Helen • September 3, 2015
Here are some thoughts to help us cope, and them understand and deal with it better too.
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to help your kids cope with loss

When we lose someone close to us it can be very difficult to know how, or what, to tell our children especially when we are dealing with our own loss. However hard it is, there are ways that we can make it easier and talking about it can make our own grief a little easier. […]

by Helen • August 27, 2015
There is never an easy time to deal with change at school - we have a few tips to help your kids rock that change!

How to help your kids rock change at school

This week with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching we are discussing change at school such as: starting a new school change of class new teacher friends moving away It can be a difficult transition at school for your child when there are changes.  Much of the biggest change will relate around the change of […]

by Helen • August 21, 2015