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Sept Shelf Care Book Club: Including argument worksheets for kids

Welcome, little explorers and big thinkers, to our magical journey into the world of words and feelings as we launch our September Shelf Care book: One Little Word! Today we’re diving into a vibrant, beautifully illustrated book called “One Little Word” by the award-winning author Joseph Coelho, alongside some argument worksheets to do while reading it. Don’t forget to sign up for the club if you aren’t already a member, so you get a copy of the eBook, and a chance to get the physical copy as well:

Before we share the argument worksheets with you, let’s take a look at the book first…..

In this image, people are being invited to join the One Little Word Book Club which includes free argument worksheets for kids.

An brief intro to One Little Word

Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpays are launching their first edition of the Children's Laureate 2022-2024 book, "One Little Word".

One Little Word” is a lyrical tale that twinkles with the power of apology. This delightful book, brought to life by Allison Colpoys’ bright illustrations, explores the magic of saying sorry. Coelho’s sensitive writing style invites young readers, aged 3-6 years, to reflect on important issues, and to explore their feelings around arguments.

It helps children to understand how the feelings that cause arguments, if they aren’t addressed, can fester and grow. And that an apology stops this dead in its tracks.

It’s a charming tale with a really important message.

What are our argument worksheets all about?

So, what;s the point about talking about arguments and apologies?

Well, understanding what happens when we argue is an essential part of growing up. It helps us learn how to express our feelings, how to listen to others, and most importantly, how to make things right again if things didn’t go to plan. That’s where the power of a genuine apology comes in.

Debate is healthy, it is when we get a little TO emotional that discussions can turn into arguments. If we keep our emotions out of arguments, then they usually go a lot better 😂

If they haven’t though, apologising is like a magical spell that can mend hurt feelings and rebuild broken bridges. But remember, this magic only works if our apology comes from the heart and if we’ve done something we shouldn’t have. Just like in the book “One Little Word”, each apology should be as sincere as a sunbeam and as heartfelt as a hug.

A person is jumping in the air.

Show me the argument worksheets

Are you ready to explore these ideas? Grab your argument activity sheets and let’s embark on this exciting journey together, guided by the charming story of “One Little Word”.

Our first activity sheets are the cover (of course), and two colouring pages from the book, the cover of the book, and also an illustration of the rather marvellous argument that appears between friends in the book.

What would YOUR argument look like and why?

After the colouring in, let’s explore what your argument might look like if it was a monster too, and decide why it looks like this. Is it BIG, is it small? Is it dark, or bright? We can have a think and then explain what we’ve done, and why.

How do you feel when you argue?

Next, we are exploring our experience of arguments and how they have made your children feel. Get them to think about their feelings before, during and after the argument, and explain what was happening to them.

Next, we are thinking about what they might have changed and why, and also how apologising made them feel. Then we are checking in to see how they are feeling now, after talking about all these things.

Finally, let’s have a think about how arguing feels in our body!

For our last sheet, is something a little more complicated. Let’s think about what makes it important to only apologise when it is genuine, and not to apologise when there is no need.

Another question to kids might also be, how does it feel when someone apologises and then says; “but…..”

For example, “I am sorry I shouted at you, but you were driving me made because you just wouldn’t listen.” Does the “but” make the apology less powerful perhaps?

Our final sheet is our copyright notice – which is worth remembering as well of course, if you still haven’t.

To download – just click on the button or image below:

This image is promoting a book called "One Little Word" by Joseph Coelho and Alison Colpoys, published by Quarto Publishing in 2023.

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Thanks so much for stopping by for another month for our club. We love that you are here, and enjoying the club, why not share it with your friends if you can?

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