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Reading certificates: Reading award and reading rockstar!

Reading books with kids is an important step towards teaching them how to pronounce words as well as learn how to use certain words. Kids who are read to from a young age grow up enjoying books more than a child who wasn’t read to as a younger kid.

reading certificates

Today at KiddyCharts, we’re featuring reading certificates that you can provide your child for their reading accomplishments. Encouraging a child to read more by providing them with a certificate that shows them your appreciation for their success in reading is a fabulous way to boost reading confidence.

5 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Kids

Expand Vocabulary

Reading is an easy way to encourage kids to learn new words. Kids may not experience a huge vocabulary in everyday life, but when they open a book new words appear.

Boosts Confidence

Reading books as a kid helps boost their confidence and independence. As your child gets older and starts to complete books on their own, they’ll feel more confident in word usage and communication.

Keeps Kids Safe

As kids start to learn new words through reading, they’ll be able to read safety signs. This helps kids to stay safe as they venture out in the world and have to read to stay safe.

Increases Imagination

A kid who reads often is able to utilise more of their creative side. Reading helps increase imagination in kids as they venture to new worlds and experience new things all with just the turn of a page.

Improves Grammar

As a child reads they start to see grammar. Being able to witness grammar in a book actually helps a child learn how to use proper grammar in other areas of their educational life.

Reading is something we all know can enhance our lives in so many ways. These 5 reasons why reading is important for kids should inspire you to print out our reading certificates so that you can start encouraging your children to pick up a book more often.

Reading Certificates

If you’re ready to use these certificates, just click the image below to download the free printable.

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Happy reading with the kids.


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