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Skyr yogurt review: Win 3 month’s supply too!

(This is a sponsored review and giveaway) We are offering you an amazing opportunity to win three month’s supply of a new fat-free Icelandic style yoghurt, sourced in the UK, and available in the supermarkets near YOU! We have Skyr yoghurt from Graham’s Family Dairy to give away to you, AND you can also become a taste tester for this family run, and fabulous British company.

We have tried the new Icelandic Yoghurt from Skyr - we let you know what we think AND give you the chance to win 3 month's supply as well #yoghurt #win #lowfat #healthy

But first; what is Icelandic Yoghurt?

So we have never heard of Icelandic Yoghurt either – Greek Yoghurt, but not Icelandic. Apparently, it is a product that originates from the 9th Century, and is a strained yoghurt, just as Greek Yoghurt is, but it is lower in sugar and thicker and creamier than its Greek counterpart. It takes three times as much milk to make this type of yoghurt than standard ones. It is also full of calcium (so great for kids whose bones need a little growth boost), and protein, as well as being fat free and low sugar.

Tell us more about Skyr yoghurt

Skyr yoghurt is made by the Graham’s Family Dairy in Scotland, from Scottish milk sourced from the company’s 100 farming partners throughout the region. It is a cultured dairy product, and available in five flavours:

  • Natural,
  • Lemon,
  • Strawberry,
  • Victoria Plum, and
  • Passion Fruit, Mango and Papaya.

But what does it actually TASTE like?

We have tried the new Icelandic Yoghurt from Skyr - we let you know what we think AND give you the chance to win 3 month's supply as well #yoghurt #win #lowfat #healthy

Looks gorgeous, thick and creamy, don’t you think. Particularly in a bowl of healthy cereal to start the day…?

It has 30% less sugar than other flavoured yogurts, so you would expect that it doesn’t taste as sweet. However, alongside the smooth and satisfyingly thick texture, the biggest surprise to us all, including the kids, was that it didn’t taste like this. Despite the reduction in sugar content, the yoghurt doesn’t taste more tart, which can happen when producing lower sugar alternatives. The choices of fruit flavours, which do tend to be those with a sweeter taste, seems to balance the drop in sugar content well.

We thoroughly enjoyed a spot of yoghurt in the morning, and a lovely dollop on our breakfast cereal. If you like the look of this, why not sign up to be a taste tester for the company so you can try new products like this before ANYONE else?

We have tried the new Icelandic Yoghurt from Skyr - we let you know what we think AND give you the chance to win 3 month's supply as well #yoghurt #win #lowfat #healthy

It is great to pop in a lunchbox too for the kids, particularly as it has less sugar (and zero fat) than standard yoghurts.

In addition to the strong flavours from the fruit, and a good texture, it is refreshing that The Graham’s Family Dairy is based in Britain. If you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of the food that you buy; this is a positive purchase consideration. Some of the other yoghurts on our shelves are manufactured and shipped from Germany, and France. Not something that is going to help you keep sustainability in mind when doing your weekly shop for the family.

How do we win three month’s supply of Skyr yoghurt?

Now you know how it tastes, why not give it a go yourself and enter our giveaway to win three month’s supply of the product? In order to enter, all you need to do is fill out the Gleam widget below.

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There are a number of different ways to enter including:

  • Visit their website and check out if you might like to become a taste tester for them, as well as telling us which Skyr product you like the most,
  • Visit Graham’s Family Dairy on Instagram and Facebook (if you like what you see, do make sure you like their profiles so you are kept up to date on their products and competitions),
  • Tweeting about the competition, including both the KiddyCharts and their Twitter handles, and
  • Sharing the giveaway with your friends, so that they can enter. For every entry a friend makes, you get more chances to win.

It’s so easy – why not do it now?

Win three month’s supply of Skyr yoghurt from Graham’s Family Dairy

We are sure that you will find it easy to enter the giveaway, but if you do have any questions, let me know. The closing date for entries is Monday 10th June at 11.59pm.

Good luck, and why not pop in to a local supermarket and try the yoghurt for yourself while you are waiting to see if you have won?

This is a sponsored review and giveaway, but all opinions are our own on the product itself. We hope you enjoy it!

Specific terms and conditions for this giveaway

This giveaway is covered by the usual T&Cs on the site. In addition:

  1. This giveaway is only available to those within the UK.
  2. Three month’s supply equates to three pots of yogurt a week from this variety from Grahma’s Family Dairy.
  3. You will be provided with vouchers equating to this quantity at the start of every month in order to purchase from local supermarket stores.
  4. Vouchers will be for the yoghurt specifically and will be valid for at least a month from when they are dispatched.
  5. If there is a problem with receiving these, please contact Graham’s Family Dairy, as they are responsible for dispatch and not KiddyCharts.
  6. The flavours available are Lemon, Natural, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango & Papaya, and Victoria Plum. Vouchers are for all flavours, but it depends on local stock levels which you will be able to buy.
  7. There are NO substitutes for these vouchers.
We have tried the new Icelandic Yoghurt from Skyr - we let you know what we think AND give you the chance to win 3 month's supply as well #yoghurt #win #lowfat #healthy

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Naomi Williams

Monday 10th of June 2019

Strawberry as it is my favourite yoghurt

Darren Bourne

Monday 10th of June 2019

I'd like to try the lemon.

Joy Winn

Monday 10th of June 2019

Passion Fruit,Mango & Papaya - sounds so exotic!

Su Brett

Monday 10th of June 2019

Strawberry for me

Lia Burns

Monday 10th of June 2019

I LOve the strawberry flavour best I usually have it with some granola chopped fruit for breakfast x

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