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Potty training help with a toilet seat – yes really! Family Seat Review – 15% off code

Potty training help – yes, we all need it, but we often haven’t a clue where to go for it! Potty training is a key milestone in your little one’s life. Yet, we all seem to dread it; some go to soon, some leave it as long as they can, but most dread it. So, […]

by Helen • September 27, 2017
The Microscooter Cross Neck is definitely a good stunt scooter, and could be the best stunt scooter, designed for 12+, but my ten your old seems to be rather enjoying it - why not take a look?
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The best stunt scooter for kids according to my ten-year old: Micro Scooter Cross Neck review

We have had the pleasure of being sent a Micro Scooter from the Essex-based company, who have been thrilling us all with the best stunt scooters here in the UK since they were established by Anna Gibson ten years ago. The sleek, Swedish designs were created with the short trip in mind as their designer […]

by Helen • August 1, 2017
Two Bare Feet Winchester has some lovely house rules, for you and the kids to stick to!
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Two Bare Feet Winchester: A family friendly central base

If you are looking for self catering accommodation in the centre of Winchester suitable for your family, then do take a look at the gorgeous duplex apartments available within Two Bare Feet. Nestled in a back street, but only a stones throw from the centre of the town, this set of rooms is in an ideal […]

by Helen • June 28, 2017
The Little Kitchen Bistro is a great place to come - can you tell?
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Little Kitchen Bistro, Winchester: Fun, Simple Family Food

We were invited to the Little Kitchen Bistro Winchester to sample their hospitality and their menu recently. This bistro is located just outside Winchester, off the A34 near the Winchester Golf Academy. Be mindful of your SatNav directions here, should you use their postcode. Follow the signs to Winchester Golf Academy, as otherwise you are likely to […]

by Helen • June 22, 2017
Philips AR 810 Dash Cam - looking sleak don't you think?
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Driving with peace of mind: Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam Review

Have you ever considered getting a Dash Cam for you car? You’d be surprised at how simple they are both to fit, and to use. Given this, they really can make a difference to how you feel while you drive. We have had the pleasure of looking at the Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam over the […]

by Helen • June 21, 2017
How do you help your kids through SATS - this book has some great ideas for you: Reducing your childs SATS Stress.
Parenting Tips

Helping your child with SATS stress: A review

We are approaching SATS season here in the UK; the time when parents, and their kids levels of stress are going to sky rocket….so naturally if you are going through the SATS Silly Season, you are looking for ways to help reduce SATS stress in your children. We have been lucky enough to be given […]

by Helen • March 17, 2017
Our panasonic waterproof portable speakers mean we can practise our drumming in the bath!
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Boogie in the bathroom with this waterproof portable speaker from Panasonic!

Bathtime in our house is chaotic; in fact, show me a parent that says bathtime is bliss, and I’ll show you someone who is prone to porkies about their parenting skills…. Water everywhere, bubbles in your hair, and soggy towels and iPad disasters are how bathtime goes in our house…which is why when I was […]

by Helen • February 3, 2017
Cubetto teaches coding by enabling you to more the robot using little counters, which represent a program.
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How to teach coding to kids without a Computer: Cubetto

Cubetto is an innovative little guy from Primo Toys; a wooden toy that teaches pre-schoolers rudimentary coding rules in a fun, and engaging way. Teaching coding to kids isn’t a simple task – there are a lot of difficult concepts to grasp, but Cubetto is a good place to start to learn. He’s also pretty […]

by Helen • November 11, 2016
Phone Backups mean you don't loose mad pictures of your daughter hanging about in trees - which is nice. I love this shot. So "her".
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MEEM Memory: How to get a phone backup plan so simple my kids can do it

I love my phone – it’s awesome. BUT, and this is a big but, I don’t love my memory. Nevermind needing a phone backup; I need a memory backup. One that is easy to access. I used to explain my crap memory away with the excuse that I was pregnant, then that I was looking after […]

by Helen • October 14, 2016
What's not to love with those massive Furbey Connect eyes - THESE are the bext things about the toy...all the little things that appear in them when you interact with it - the kids love it!
Kids toy reviews

Furby Connect Review: They are back! #FurbyConnect

I have never been a fan of Furby. This is because I am forty-three years old. Or this is what my kids think. Furby Connect is the new incarnation of the cutesie little critters from Hasbro that love to be cuddled and squeezed, and apparently he is very, very cool indeed. I am not cool […]

by Helen • October 8, 2016