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Running out of rainy-day activities for your kids? Looking for an after-school activity that is fun AND educational? If you have creative kids, or kids that love to get into the kitchen, we have an excellent offer for you this week. We are offering a great discount on Little Cooks Co cooking kits. USE the code LCC25 for 25% off at checkout with KiddyCharts today!

Cooks cooking

We all know that children learn most while having fun, and active learning is the best way to teach new life skills. For many families cooking became a go-to activity during lockdown. Little Cooks Co cooking kits are designed to help families continue their cooking journey in an easy, nutritious and educational way.

Little Cooks Co provides a monthly subscription-based cooking kit, packed full of organic ingredients, fun games and activities, all designed to help families spend quality time together. The recipes are designed to teach children about nutrition, grow their own ingredients, are allergy conscious and 100% eco-friendly.

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Cooks cooking for Kids

A subscription to Little Cooks Co, provides your family with hours of healthy, happy fun each month.

Teach Little Cooks cooking skills for life

kids cooking skills

Little Cooks Co cooking kits are developed to help children aged 3-10 get involved in the kitchen. The recipes are easy to follow and strike a perfect balance between simplicity (with pre-measured ingredients to minimise mess!) and teaching new skills in the kitchen (mixing, chopping, grating, kneading). Younger children will delight in the child sized compostable ingredients bags, emptying, stirring and getting their hands dirty. Older children can be left to their own devices, following the instructions and presenting their finished products to the family.

Little Cooks Co cooking kits are an ideal gift for families. The boxes arrive each month addressed directly to the child, bringing smiles from the moment they drop through the letterbox. Children benefit from learning cooking skills, fine motor skills and numeracy. With concerns about childhood health and obesity on the rise, Little Cooks Co is a fantastic way to teach children how to make healthier choices and create happy family memories along the way.

Build on your baking journey each month

baking journey

Each month a new baking recipe is sent out to all subscribers, complete with all the dry organic ingredients, child-friendly recipe cards, additional recipes for family meals, plus fun games, activities aimed at getting children away from screens and engaged with preparing healthy nutritious food. In the first box each little cook receives a record book to fill with collectable stickers each month and record their baking journey.

Packed full of nutritious ingredients and no nasties

nutritious ingredients

What’s more, every recipe is designed by a qualified nutritionist, contains no processed ingredients or refined sugars and will pack your child full of the nutrients they need for a busy day at school. For allergy conscious families Little Cooks Co is truly sensitive to the needs of families, suggesting alternatives to common allergens and allowing deliveries to be skipped whenever necessary.

For families nervous about winter lockdowns, grandparents looking for activities to support and entertain their grandchildren or for parents just looking for a new activity to help on rainy days. Little Cooks Co is the perfect solution.

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