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10 reasons why you should be cooking with your kids and how personalised cookbooks help!

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Cooking with your kids can be a nightmare – mess on them, the floor, the counter and of course the washing up, plus the fact that it always takes longer than doing it yourself!  Cooking with your kids is however, one of those skills that can be learnt from a very young age and made very personal to the child through personalised cookbooks.  There are many reasons why cooking with kids from aged one and beyond is beneficial. We’ve got 10 great reasons here, including why a personalised cookbook can help your kids on their way!

1. Cooking with your Kids Helps Build Social-emotional development

Hands-on cooking activities help children develop confidence and skill. They love following a personalised cookbook recipe where they are in the story, they can mimic their story self in real life!  Copying their story self often gives them more confidence than just following a regular recipe. The personalised cookbook recipes encourage children to be self-directed and independent, plus teaches them to follow directions and develop problem-solving skills.

Cooking with your Kids

2. Physical development

Fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills are developed by chopping, mixing, squeezing, and spreading.  As an adult we often take these skills for granted but learning how to chop a carrot and not your finger needs practising!

Cooking with your Kids

3. Cognitive development

Cooking with your kids encourages a child’s thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It also allows the child the opportunity to use the knowledge they have and apply it by counting, measuring ingredients, following the recipe sequence, following directions, and cause and effect.

Cooking with your Kids

4. Language development

The act of cooking offers the opportunity to develop language by linking it to other areas, including Maths, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Literacy. You can do this by encouraging the kids to talk about what they are doing, counting out ingredients, and watching materials change colour, texture, and medium as well as asking questions such as why do you think that happens? (source: SCOE)

Trying new foods

5. Cooking with Your Kids and Trying new foods

Children who cook are more likely to taste and try the finished result (source: NY Times).  Therefore, choosing recipes that use new ingredients or tastes can be a great way to introduce them to the kids.

Healthy habits

6. Healthy habits

Life is much easier if healthy habits are instilled from a young age, and cooking is a way to talk about healthy foods and why an ingredient is important to their development.

Life skills

7. Life skills

Learning to cook teaches skills that are needed later in life – you need to eat every day for the rest of your life!

Life skills for your Kids

8. Builds your relationship

When a parent and child cook together the activity brings them closer together, it becomes a treasured memory and often builds a shared interest.

Building a Relationship with your Kids

9. Food knowledge

Depending on the age of the child, they may think that potatoes come from McDonalds and that the supermarket produces milk.  Talking about where food comes from is all part of their education on the world and how it works and handling raw ingredients is the ideal starting point.

Kids Cookbooks

10. Accomplishment

Completing a task gives you a sense of accomplishment, a chance to say, “I did that!”  Following a personalised cookbook allows the child to not only create a delicious snack, but also impress themselves by being able to say I’ve made the same xx as in the book!

Kids Cooking

Personalised cookbooks are new type of book from Story Antics, each recipe story contains a child and adult helper.  Each character can be personalised by name, skin, hair and eye colour allowing you to create a story about the two of you at home in the kitchen.  Use a personalised cookbook to gain excitement about the cooking activity before you start, and then follow it while you cook and watch your little chef turn into a master chef!

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