Ben and Holly Live Review: Cambridge Corn Exchange

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Ben and Holly Live Review: Stirring the potion up...!
Ben and Holly Live Review: Stirring the potion up…!

My kids are a bit Ben Elf barmy. So we could turn down doing a Ben and Holly Live review could we? It seemed lots of people rather like the little chap, there were a lot of small people with horns shouting and tooting as we they left the show…they certainly got the merchandise right on this one!

“Hello, I’m Ben Elf….”

What’s the show about?

Its really a few storied moulded together from the TV series, and tweaked for the stage show. We have a game of hide & seek, a trip out as a tooth fairy, Gaston’s dirty cave and a surprise for King Thistle’s party. Simple ideas that also allow for a bit of interaction with the young audience.

What mummy thought?

This was a charming show.

It was perfect for the ages its aimed at; two to seven. The audience seemed to be captivated by it from the start. There were some lovely touches in it, particularly considering how hard it is to translate a cartoon character who does magic into the real world. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say there is a bit of flying and a smattering of Nanny Plum magic.

There aren’t any spectacular effects, but with two year olds; who really needs them?

Ben and Holly Live Review: The Tooth Fairy
Ben and Holly Live Review: Nany Plum, The Tooth Fairy

What the kids thought?

My children ask me questions all the time, and there was much anticipation about the show on the morning before we went from Chatterbox:

“How will they do magic?”

“How will Gaston fly?”

“Will there be a jelly flood?”

They weren’t disappointed; the show was a massive hit with them both. Stuntboy gawped all the way through it. Chatterbox was actually quiet. Stuntboy even told me:

I give it ten out of ten, but the bit in the middle where nothing happened, that was a one out of ten.”

I don’t think he likes intervals much you know….

Overall 9/10

This is an ideal family show. I managed to survive watching it, the kids loved it, and it was true to the television series, with some of the episodes translated onto the stage so the kids were familiar with the stories, which with the little ones makes a big difference to their understanding.

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