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Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW!

Print your Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW, take on a wild challenge with RSPB and start your adventure. Spring is an awesome season to be outside learning and exploring! It’s a time when nature wakes up from a very long winter sleep and so a time you really can’t afford to miss. Spring […]

by Helen • May 4, 2017
Free printable activities & reward charts

Animal Tracks: How to get your kids to recognise them with the RSPB

Get out, get wild and uncover the nature on your doorstep! Print the Animal Tracks: How to get your kids to recognise them – ID printable activity sheets and take on a wild challenge with RSPB and start your adventure. Tracks Activities To print these sheets just click on any black and white image bellow! […]

by Helen • April 24, 2017
5 tips for creating imaginative play spaces
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5 top tips for creating imaginative play spaces

Imagination is key to a child’s development. Pretend play can help children develop a real concept of the real world through a whole world of imagined scenarios. How can you as parents help nurture this creative side or this ability to pretend and create imaginary worlds? We have come up with five practical ways to […]

by Guest Blogger • March 10, 2017
Reef underwater scene from stock photos.
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Visiting Cades Bay and snorkelling in Cades Reef, Antigua

Antigua still had secrets to reveal to us in our second week there, and this excursion, from South Coast Horizons to Cades Bay in Kayaks, which enabled us to snorkel in Cades Reef, meant we saved the best of our three excursions to last. Our Island Safari with Stingray City, and the trip to D-Boat, […]

by Helen • September 6, 2016
Bettys Hope is a former sugar plantation with a museum telling the history of sugar and slavery on the Island. Its well worth a visit, particularly to show children about some of the uglier parts to our history.
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Exploring Antigua’s contrasting landscapes and culture at Stingray City, Devil’s Bridge and Betty’s Hope

Antigua is known for it’s beaches, but there is oh so much more to the island. We went in search of some culture and marine wildlife on a tour with Tropical Adventures thanks to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Authority when we visited the island. The Island Safari and Stingray Fantasy is one of a number of tours […]

by Helen • September 2, 2016
The D-Boat in Antigua is a refurbished Oil Tanker - made into a water park, as you can clearly see!
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D-Boat Antigua – Water park fun for the kids and you

In a recent trip to Antigua, we were lucky enough to be hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Authority on an excursion to a fascinating, and extremely unusual day out on the D-Boat. My family had an absolute ball on the D-Boat in Antigua for about six hours! There isn’t too much that can keep my active […]

by Helen • September 1, 2016
Sunsets on Antigua are simply stunning - and there really is so much to do there too for the family. A trpocal destination, with some great family activities.
Family holiday locations & tips

10 things you have to do in Antigua and one you don’t

We are spoiled for life now. Beaches will never be the same again after experiencing what Antigua has to offer. It is hot all the year round; you just need to mind the rainy season, and expect showers or even storms from June to November. The rains do get worse September onwards, so its best […]

by Helen • August 30, 2016
Forest school is a brilliant way for kids to connect with nature. We have four amazing activities; mud faces, bats and moths, magic wands and a nature scavenger hunt too. Great forest school fun.
Free printable activities & reward charts

Forest school activities: How to reconnect YOUR kids with nature

Forest school is a very popular way to teach kids, while giving them an opportunity to get close to nature, and hopefully rather dirty at the same time ;-) Now, Forest School becomes even more accessible with the publication of Play The Forest School Way, (US/UK) a woodland adventure book. This book is packed full of outdoor activities for parents […]

by Helen • July 1, 2016
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Kids eat free for 2 months for a £1 with Kids Pass #daysout

Thanks goodness that we have discovered Kids Pass, as it appears that I have created a monster…. Obviously not literally, though when 6pm comes, and the after school meltdowns begin, there is the potential for things to get distinctly monstrous… My kids seem to expect us to do something EVERY DAY – I think perhaps that I have […]

by Helen • April 22, 2016
Top Cat was my favourite program as a kid, and now there is a Top Cat movie - a movie, just so awesome! *stops running around screaming...
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Find out how Top Cat and his gang started; Top Cat Begins

OMG – a Top Cat movie. Could there be anything better? Who doesn’t remember Office Dibble, and THAT phone and dustbin…. As you can see, there is much excitement in the KiddyCharts home at the moment because someone they love is finally going to be up on the big screen from May 27th in Top […]

by Helen • March 9, 2016