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Some of the acrobats at Petite Soiree in London are just breath-taking.
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Looking for something different this Christmas and New Year? Then La Petite Soiree Kids’ Cabaret could be it!

It is very hard to do something spectacular that your kids are likely to remember; except perhaps falling face first on the ice in a cold spell – THAT usually works?!? However, we are looking forward to attending a London show, that I am pretty sure IS going to leave both our children with smiles […]

by Helen • December 13, 2017
Winter scavenger hunt: And you can colour it in too!
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Winter scavenger hunt: And you can colour it in too!

Ready to go on a winter scavenger hunt? We have a lovely printable for kids to set them on their winter adventure. Outdoor scavenger hunts are always fun and it’s no different during the winter. Put on some warm clothes and go on a item hunting adventure. We are sharing a winter scavenger hunt with […]

by Helen • November 29, 2017
Free Activities For Kids

Nature painting for toddlers

Today we are making nature painting using different materials that we have found outside. Instead of using paintbrushes we have used a feather, stick and various different leaves. This makes for different textures and patterns on the paper and makes the activity more interesting than normal painting! It also means that half the fun is […]

by Helen • November 22, 2017
Study Reveals The Most Entertaining US States
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US State Map: Find out how they rank for happiness, entertainment and beyond!

Ever wondered which state ranks the highest for happiness, entertainment and beyond? We’ve got a US State Map that will reveal just that! Are You Not Entertained? – Every State Ranked by Entertainment When it comes to entertainment, every state has it’s way to take care of it’s citizens and tourist and a new study from PlayNJ […]

by Helen • October 30, 2017
Something to look back on with the kids - take them to an Enchanted Event iin the UK with English Heritage - perfect for the run up to Christmas!
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Enchanted Audley End: A magical experience for the whole family #ehenchanted

Audley End is enchanted through-out the year, but this year there is something special happening in their gardens in England; something even more magical than usual. English Heritage are putting on spectacular events in the winter to take advantage of the shorter days, and the showcase their wonderful properties in a new and inspiring away. […]

by Helen • October 17, 2017
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Real KiddyCharts #5: Why taking baby outside is so dam hard

Before I had children, I could grab my shoes, reach for the coat on the coat rank, and I was gone. But taking baby outside; that is a whole other story. And when I was pregnant with my first child, I thought that this was EXACTLY how it would be with a child, all I […]

by Helen • October 4, 2017
Free Wildflower Identification Printables for Kids
Free printable activities & reward charts

Wildflower Identification: Get the kids spotting town plants and more!

What is your little ones favorite flower? Would you like to learn more about wildflowers and help save them for future generations to enjoy too? So would we. We now have a lot less contact with nature than previous generations had. There are a lot less flowers around us, and we seem to have less time […]

by Helen • September 27, 2017
Movenpick Den Bosch has a beautiful terrace in the restaurant, and it even has a little playground for the kids!
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Movenpick Den Bosch: A Movenpick Family review #MovenpickFamily

Travelling with a family, whether young or old, can be a bit of a challenge; there is so much you need to take, and so many different personalities and little quirks that should be catered for. The Movenpick Hotels, are now offering a Movenpick Family program within all their resorts and hotels, to help you […]

by Helen • August 17, 2017
Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom as a few hidden mickeys too - and one of the best ones is here - can you spot it, and the others from our article?
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15 awesome Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys to find with the kids

We are running a series of posts on the best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World in Florida. We have already taken a look at the App Hidden Mickeys, and today we are exploring all the ones that we managed to find within the Animal Kingdom. There are, of course, many more than these Animal […]

by Helen • July 4, 2017
Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW!
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Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW!

Print your Spring activities to get your kids outside NOW, take on a wild challenge with RSPB and start your adventure. Spring is an awesome season to be outside learning and exploring! It’s a time when nature wakes up from a very long winter sleep and so a time you really can’t afford to miss. Spring […]

by Helen • May 4, 2017