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5 best speech therapy apps and language learning for your kids

Speech therapy is a process that helps people who have difficulty speaking, understanding and/or producing speech. Speech therapy can be done in a variety of settings including schools, clinics, hospitals and homes. New technology means that it is now possible to support our children with their language development in a number of different ways. We have gathered together the best speech therapy apps, alongside some of the most helpful language learning tools available for you all.

There are many benefits of speech therapy for children. For example, it can help with language development, learning new words, improving articulation skills, and increasing vocabulary. It can also help with improving the child’s ability to understand what others are saying as well as their own thoughts.

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The following list contains five of the best speech therapy apps (in no special order) which will be invaluable for parents of children who have developmental delays, or parents who just want to lend a little helping hand to their kids:

Sago Mini First Words

Sago Mini First Words is designed for ages 2-8 and is available within the Apple store only. Sago Mini First Words helps toddlers learn to speak by playing games and watching cartoons.

The app works by focusing on a mimic, repeat and master model for learning words. The app even listens to the responses from the children, and adjusts learning goals accordingly.

Annual subscriptions for this app are $59.95

Otsimo Special Education

This app is designed for those that are diagnosed on the spectrum, including Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, ADD, and other special needs. It is available from the Apple store.

The app is totally ad free, and offers a number of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and 100+ other special games for kids to help with their language learning development, specifically designed for those with autism.

The app is free to download and a year’s subscription is $119.99.

Otsimo Speech Therapy

Otsimo Speech Therapy also makes it into our best speech therapy apps list; and is featured within the Apple store.

This app has been designed for those with some form of language / speech delay, including Apraxia, Aphasia, stuttering and articulation issues.

The app helps children to practise their speech, using a sticker reward based system encouraging kids to play and learn. There are over 200 stickers to collect within the app.

An annual subscription is $53.99 and a 7-day free trial is available.

Sago Mini School

This app is designed for pre-schoolers and offers learning in a fun environment around numeracy, literacy, and creativity. There are a number of learning topics within the app inspired by what preschoolers really want to learn about, everything from themselves, to bikes, trucks and bugs.

Parents get updates of what their children have been up to emailed to them, and there are both online and offline learning activity ideas to explore in a bright and coloring learning environment.

It is available in a month long free trial on both the Apple store and Google Play, and is then $49.99 per year.

Endless Reader

Using animations and fun activities, this app helps kids to learn the key “sight” words within the English language. Word and sentence puzzles are used to help re-inforce spelling, and sight recognition.

The app has specifically been designed without a competitive edge to it, so that kids aren’t put of by comparative elements. There are no high scores, failures, limits, or stress.

The app is available in the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon and on Windows too. There is a set of six words to try for free, and then other word packs are available for c. $5.99 each.

We hope you like our little round-up of suitable apps for the kids – let us know if you find any more here. We do have a few other resources on the site for language, phonics and literacy, so check out some of these ideas, and printables for your children:

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