Phone Backups mean you don't loose mad pictures of your daughter hanging about in trees - which is nice. I love this shot. So "her".
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MEEM Memory: How to get a phone backup plan so simple my kids can do it

I love my phone – it’s awesome. BUT, and this is a big but, I don’t love my memory. Nevermind needing a phone backup; I need a memory backup. One that is easy to access. I used to explain my crap memory away with the excuse that I was pregnant, then that I was looking after […]

by Helen • October 14, 2016
What's not to love with those massive Furbey Connect eyes - THESE are the bext things about the toy...all the little things that appear in them when you interact with it - the kids love it!
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Furby Connect Review: They are back! #FurbyConnect

I have never been a fan of Furby. This is because I am forty-three years old. Or this is what my kids think. Furby Connect is the new incarnation of the cutesie little critters from Hasbro that love to be cuddled and squeezed, and apparently he is very, very cool indeed. I am not cool […]

by Helen • October 8, 2016
The play doh town ice cream truck is lots of fun, and here is everything that you get with it - time to have some creative fun!
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Play Doh Town Review

My son is nine years old, and his sister is nearly eleven. This does NOT stop them from really rather enjoying a bit of Play Doh every now and then. In fact, they both seem to like getting their hands messy still, even as they get older. I think the creative side of our kids […]

by Helen • September 27, 2016
Smiggle's got a great range of supplies for the kids going back to school, and encouraging them to get creative with their postcard writing as well!

Back to school with Smiggle #BacktoSmiggle

Summer goes by far too fast – before you know it, you were sitting on a beach, and then its time to wash PE kits, sharpen pencils, and restock pencil cases. We’ve been busy making sure we have everything we need for our return to school by trawling the Smiggle Back to School UK site to […]

by Helen • August 29, 2016
Bop it is a great way to get your kids to concentrate and to be active.
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Bop It review: Using it to keep fidgety kids busy

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a rather significant proportion of the last week trying to find something to entertain my permanently fidgety little boy. And I mean entertainment that doesn’t involve me kicking a football, or him looking at a screen. Bop It seems to have provided me with rather a […]

by Helen • August 3, 2016
We have a fantastic readly review for you, and a month's free trial to the app. This really is the best app ever and we tell you why. We pay for the app too, so it isn't just all guff and nonsense either!

Readly app review: the best app ever released.

THAT is a bold statement that is, don’t you think? However I think that I really should state my love for Readly right at the beginning of this Readly review. We have a one month free trial for you on the site too. So I am putting my faith in the app for everyone. I […]

by Helen • June 28, 2016
Do you battle trying to get kids to brush their teeth? Have you tried everything to get it to work? Playbrush could be the answer for you, a modern way to solve an age old problem. Find out what its all about by visiting the KiddyCharts site.
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How to make kids WANT to brush their teeth

Its 8am and I am listening to the sounds of gaming coming from the bathroom. Usually this would be a cause for much concern, argument, and tantrums at this time of day, but that was before we got a Playbrush (Amazon: UK/US). All parents battle with their kids about certain things; washing hands, homework, potty training, food, […]

by Helen • June 22, 2016
Bonzun is a week by week pregnancy app - its great for easing those pregnancy fears.

Could a pregnancy week by week app give peace of mind?

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a look at a new pregnancy week by week app that has been released; Bonzun. The app was created by the Swedish entrepreneur Bonnie Roupé, who has first hand experience of health issues during pregnancy, having suffered from pre-eclampsia herself with her first child. I was rather […]

by Helen • April 13, 2016
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The secret to losing weight without dieting

Losing weight is an important goal for me; I just wanted to be able to fit comfortably into size 14 dresses again, and not have to squeeze. As a mum that works from home, it is all to easy to get into bad food habits. However, dieting has never, ever worked for me. I just don’t have […]

by Helen • March 2, 2016
Do you know how much sugar is in your kids snacks? Are you picking the right kids snack in the supermarket isle? Use Food Maestro to find out!
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Do you really know the sugar content of your kids snacks?

We have been asked to take a look at the Food Maestro app (iOS and Android). This enables you to search for ingredients and food products based on specific criteria, perhaps because you have an allergy in the family, are from a certain religious group, or have an intolerance to a specific food item. It […]

by Helen • February 12, 2016