Bonzun is a week by week pregnancy app - its great for easing those pregnancy fears.

Could a pregnancy week by week app give peace of mind?

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a look at a new pregnancy week by week app that has been released; Bonzun. The app was created by the Swedish entrepreneur Bonnie Roupé, who has first hand experience of health issues during pregnancy, having suffered from pre-eclampsia herself with her first child. I was rather […]

by Helen • April 13, 2016
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The secret to losing weight without dieting

Losing weight is an important goal for me; I just wanted to be able to fit comfortably into size 14 dresses again, and not have to squeeze. As a mum that works from home, it is all to easy to get into bad food habits. However, dieting has never, ever worked for me. I just don’t have […]

by Helen • March 2, 2016
Do you know how much sugar is in your kids snacks? Are you picking the right kids snack in the supermarket isle? Use Food Maestro to find out!
Healthy lifestyle tips Kids toy reviews

Do you really know the sugar content of your kids snacks?

We have been asked to take a look at the Food Maestro app (iOS and Android). This enables you to search for ingredients and food products based on specific criteria, perhaps because you have an allergy in the family, are from a certain religious group, or have an intolerance to a specific food item. It […]

by Helen • February 12, 2016
Stress incontinence in pregnancy is more common than you think; it is also something that occurs after pregnancy too. Hartmann Direct have a great tool to help choose the stress incontinence product that is right for you...
Healthy lifestyle tips Kids toy reviews

Cough with confidence: Let’s talk about stress incontinence

I know that is a bit of a straight to the point title for a blog post; and perhaps you don’t really want to talk about stress incontinence because it is embarrassing, but perhaps we really should do? Perhaps it is something that we shouldn’t all feel as worried about mentioning… In fact, did you […]

by Helen • February 9, 2016
Wayfair helped us get some great football home decorations for Stuntboy - now we need to tackle the rest of the room!
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Wayfair review: Football themed decorations for a football mad boy

We have been very lucky recently with the help we have received in revamping Stuntboy’s bedroom; and thanks to Wayfair, we have managed to get some wonderful accessories to add some simple, but effective finishing touches to his room. He is determined to make sure that Harry Kane surrounds him in every waking moment. Tottenham […]

by Helen • February 5, 2016
Why not get Christmas dinosaur filled with these two simple apps from Kuato Studios. You'll love them!
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Have a Merrysaurus Christmas: Free app fun with Dinosaurs

Kuato Studios has released a couple of simple games in celebration of Christmas, with a nod to their Dino Tales style and game. The Dino Flip game we are reviewing below is free until mid January too, so hurry! Dino Flip is a memory, matching game and Dino Paint; a lovely little painting game, that gets […]

by Helen • December 21, 2015
Trickin Camel spits at you if you get one of his challenges wrong - yuk!
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Family games from #MegaBleuGames: reviewing the fun

We have been very lucky to be able to take a look at three games from Megableu, designed for children a little older and wiser, to have lots of fun with this Christmas and beyond. Trickin Camel (£19.99) This is a great little game; the idea is that there are three challenges set for you by […]

by Helen • November 25, 2015
Our Dyson Total Clean won't be getting a tougher job than our Honda car!
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How to keep a spotless car when you have kids

Cars and kids. They don’t mix. Raisins in the upholstery, crumbs in the cup holders and sweet wrappers under the rugs. You name it – the car is generally full of it. We were therefore chuffed to be provided with a cordless Dyson Total Clean V6 to test out, so we could see how well it […]

by Helen • November 19, 2015
Cardooo birthday cards allow you to give that little something extra for birthdays to the kids; an excellent birthday idea for age 4-7 year olds.
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How a birthday card for kids can be an extra present

Birthdays – we all love them, the cards, the cake, the presents. We can’t wait to open our everything to see what we’ve got. I am particularly fond of a birthday card; I love to see what people think that I will like. My kids are no different either, they like to find out what their friends […]

by Helen • November 17, 2015
Spying with How to be an International Spy from Loneky Planet travel books for kids means that we have to hide behind the book, obviously.
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Close your eyes and imagine with Lonely Planet travel books for kids

I love getting my kids to use their imaginations. I use mine all the time; sometimes a little too much *stares out of window in study* We have been lucky enough over the last few weeks to take a look at Lonely Planets travel books for kids, and this has really help mine and my […]

by Helen • November 12, 2015