Use HomeHalo to help with internet safety for kids in your home too.
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Get internet safety for kids right with HomeHalo

I am a nerd. I was therefore very excited to be asked to review HomeHalo; a new piece of kit that helps parents watch over their their kids online lives better. My daughter tells me I am a gadget nut. Daddy is, apparently, a cycling nut and I am a gadget one. This means that I am always messing […]

by Helen • November 5, 2015
Giggling along because we love our Creepy Hand Megableu dare!
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Fab family fun Halloween games

We have never really thought about getting games with a specific Halloween theme, and so were delighted to receive two fantastic family Halloween games ones from Megableu to take a look at. Ghost Hunt Evolution is a simple idea; beam ghost and bat lights onto the wall, grab your gun, and create your own personal laser […]

by Helen • October 25, 2015
Having a lot of fun with our paper planes and balloons
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Paper Planes; a charming movie with an important message

We were lucky enough to see the Australian movie, Paper Planes, in the London Transport Museum. The Ozzy film is on general release from the 23rd October is cinemas in the UK, and is more than worth a look for families everywhere. What is Paper Planes about? The film is a charming story of a […]

by Helen • October 19, 2015
We test drove the Safari Games - this is what we thought of it!
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Going on a reading exploration with Safari Tales: A review

We were lucky enough to have reviewed the Dino Tales App that Kuato Studios produced before their latest release, which is on a similar theme. We have now been given access to their new Safari Tales app, which is available on Google, iOS and Kindle as well, all retailing at £2.99 My kids loved that you […]

by Helen • September 30, 2015
Who fancies having a go at being Dracular from Hotel Transylvania 2 then? Check out what we thought of the film here.
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Hotel Transylvania 2 review: Is it a good kids’ Halloween movie?

We were very lucky to go to a 3D preview of the new Hotel Transylvania 2 film, courtesy of Subway, which is due for general release in the UK in mid October 2015. Subway are event giving you a chance to win a trip to LA – so keep reading! ;-) We hadn’t seen the […]

by Helen • September 29, 2015
If you are looking for a great video camera for the family - why not take a look at the Panasonic HC W570 - a great choice for us!

Five reasons the Panasonic HC W570 is a great family video camera

A few months ago, I have the honour of becoming one of the Channel Mum vloggers, and as part of this I was very kindly given a Panasonic Video Camera for taking my vlogs with. It is actually an HC W570 camcorder, but that probably means a little to you as it does to me. […]

by Helen • September 22, 2015
We have road testing Hue Animation software to see how it helps kids to explore stop animation - this is what we and two other mums thought of it.
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Making stop motion easy with Hue Animation – a review

At the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Hue Animation software for Moshi Monsters; it was a massive hit with both of my kids, and we recently were able to review the updated Hue Animation package. I let my daughter take it for a test drive with her Lego, as […]

by Helen • September 18, 2015
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Improving your family photography with My Photo School

I’ve always loved photography, would have loved to have made a career out of it if things had been different. At various points, I have taken some pretty good photos for my friends, my daughters’ schools,  etc. of their children.  However, sometimes life has other ideas about what you should be doing. I lost confidence […]

by Catherine Kelly • September 11, 2015
Jacdo craft kits are lovely in that they come in their own little suitcase for your children. A really great little gift idea.
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Feeding the birds with Jacdo gift craft gift set

We have written already on the blog about the piggy bank craft kits from Jacdo, and we were lucky enough to also be sent one of their other kids recently to try out, a little wooden bird feeder. Now, I don’t know about you, ut one of my favourite musical songs is the wonderful Feed the Birds […]

by Helen • September 9, 2015
Putting our money in the Jacdo craft kits piggy bank :-D
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Making a piggy bank with Jacdo craft kits

My daughter loves a bit of craft, as the articles within our activities category on this blog suggest. She is just as creative, if not more so, than I am, and at nearly ten years old, is starting to come up with her own ideas for how her crafts should look. She is therefore the ideal […]

by Helen • August 26, 2015