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Free gold, silver and bronze reading award certificates

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Encouraging a love of reading within your kids starts at a young age, but creating a reading competition will encourage them even more. Many kids enjoy healthy competition and here at KiddyCharts, we’ve created a printable to give them a little incentive in their reading. We have some free gold, silver and bronze reading award certificates, that you can use to help your kids (or your class) with their reading.

We have some amazing FREE gold, silver and bronze reading certificates for you on the site today. Download them NOW! #reading #kids #books #printables #certificates #homeschooling

Tips to get your kids reading more

Make time for reading

It’s important that you make reading a part of your daily routine. It could be that it is assigned a specific time, with the whole family curling up to read a good book or possibly reading aloud to your kids before bed. The key is that you make some time every day to read to your kids or have them read independently.

Create a cozy area

Sometimes all it takes to get your kids to start reading more and trying to earn those gold, silver or bronze reading certificates is to have a cozy reading area. This space can be created with the help of your kids, so that each of them has a designated cozy place to read on a regular basis.

Multiple book options

Make a kids’ bookshelf part of your home décor. This can be placed in your kids’ bedroom or in a family area. The key is to have multiple book options, so that your kids can figure out what genre of books truly inspires them to read more often to try to earn our free reading certificate printables.

Read to siblings

Encourage your older kids to read aloud to their younger siblings. This will encourage all of your kids to have a love of reading and perhaps build a stronger bond between siblings. Sometimes older kids enjoy feeling like they’re the big kid, so reading aloud to a younger sibling can help them feel confident.

The true trick to encouraging a love of reading in your home is for YOU to be a good example to them. Try to refrain from too much electronic time and make books a daily part of your home life. You could also consider creating a reading competition between your kids where they work hard to earn their reading certificates. This is a fun way to make sure your kids have healthy reading habits to enhance their imagination, creativity and expand their vocabulary.

If you’re ready to get started with your own reading competition, then click the image below to download your free gold, silver, and bronze reading award certificates today.

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Tuesday 11th of June 2019

We think summer slide is real, so finding ways to encourage reading matters. The printables are very helpful!


Monday 10th of June 2019

This is so cute for the little ones! Thanks for the free printables.


Sunday 9th of June 2019

This is an amazing way to encourage reading!


Sunday 9th of June 2019

This is a great motivator and what kid would not like an award with their name on it.

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