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We haven’t passed on any free kindness resources to you for a while – so we are doing something a little bit special today. We have a collection of acts of kindness posters, which help children to understand the different types of acts and emotions that show kindness to others.

We have some acts of kindness posters for the kids - what IS kindness; these help them to learn #bekind #kindness #roak

It can be hard for younger, and even parents (!) to understand exactly what being kind actually means. These posters are designed specifically to help with that. They explain a few of the different ways that we can demonstrate acts of kindness with the actions that we have to others.

We cover a number of different actions including:

Appreciation: Give something or someone their proper value,

Caring: Feel and show concern for others,

Co-operation: Work together with other people nicely to achieve common goals

Friendliness: Behave in a pleasant and kind way. Show you love to be with other people,

Helpfulness: Serve and assist kindly,

Honesty: Act truthfully to yourself, and others. Be straightforward in whatever we do,

Perseverance: Do not give up easily and keep trying, even though it is difficult

Responsibility: Do the things you are expected or required to do and being reliable,

Respect: Act in a way that shows you care about their feelings and well-being, and

Self-control: Control of oneself, or of one’s own emotions, desires, and actions.

Our full set of posters includes two for each, depending on how you want to present them to your kids, and you can get them to color them in too. That way, this becomes a more interactive activity.

Perhaps you can also pop them on the wall, and stick names to them when someone has behaved in that way to someone else in the family or in the classroom? The possibilities for them are endless!?! 😉

We really hope you like this resource, and we do have a lot of other Kindness information on the site as it is a really important part of the KiddyCharts vibe. Do check out some of the other kindness resources that we have:

We know that is a lot – but it really is so important to spread that little bit of kindness around “like confetti.” It is contagious, so a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.

There are a lot of other great kindness resources out there too, so have a quick look at these as well:

Phew. I’m all done now – so hope that this is good for you all. If you like it, and want the resources that we have for you STRAIGHT to your inbox, then do sign up to our newsletter.

To download the posters, just click on the image below – and you are away. If you don’t want them now – why not pin them for later?

Acts of kindness posters to help kinds understand what kindness actually means #kindness #raok #bekind

If you have any problems; drop us a note, or even send us a quick tweet (@KiddyCharts), and we will be happy to help.

Take care, and be kind; see you again soon.


Sharing is caring!


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