Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows - a poster for your kids! #kindness #bekind
Free printable activities & reward charts

Printable kindness posters for kids #52KindWeeks

We have another resource for your on Kindness this week; something simple but really effective to remind children, and yourself, how important kindness is. And how easy it is to achieve. We have some kindness posters for the kids; four of them. All of them are free for you to download today. We think that […]

by Helen • January 26, 2018
Why not do something amazing this year - give blood.

New Year, new you; why not give blood this year? #52KindWeeks

We have had a couple of weeks off in our #52KindWeeks series, but we are back and this time with a really important message. Give Blood. It is a simple thing to do; but can make a massive difference to many, many people’s lives: Less than 3% of people give blood actively; can you imagine […]

by Helen • January 5, 2018
Here IS the fortune teller for you - we hope you like it, simple but effective and 8 random acts of kindness that kids can do at school. #BeKind #Kindness #RandomActsofKindness #RAOK
Free printable activities & reward charts

Random acts of kindness to do in school fortune teller #52KindWeeks

We are already into week 6 of our #52KindWeeks, and we have a lovely little game for you this week – a Random Acts of Kindness fortune teller. All of the tasks are suitable for school, or on the way to school. Why not get your kids to make this, and play with it at […]

by Helen • December 8, 2017
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free Bear Hug Coupons #52KindWeeks

We are busy with Christmas at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that there isnt a little bit of room for some Kindness this week! We have created some free bear hug coupons for you. What is a hug coupon I hear you ask? Well – it is simple; because anything too complicated makes our […]

by Helen • December 1, 2017
For our #52KindWeeks initiative we have a gorgeous Kindness Tree for you to make with the kids - so simple, and so effective at making someone very, very happy! #BeKind2017 #Kindness #homeschool
Free printable activities & reward charts

Make a Kindness Tree for someone you care about #52KindWeeks

We’ve made it to the third week! Here is another printable for you all to encourage the spreading of kindness throughout the land *or something like that* 😉. This time, we are sharing a Kindness Tree for you all to make with the children. It really is a simple idea: Print out the tree outline […]

by Helen • November 17, 2017
We have another wonderful free printable for you - an advent for Christmas with kindness acts on it every single day of December. Get the kids to spread the joy go on! #BeKind2017 #52KindWeeks #RAOC #AdventCalendar

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar for the kids (and you!) #52KindWeeks #KindnessDay

So, we are doing a giveaway advent this year for Christmas, and we always do one. It has given us the idea of doing a lovely printable for you; as part of the Christmas festivities – a Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar for the kids! 24 days in December, and every single one of […]

by Helen • November 10, 2017