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Love adult and kids coloring pages #52KindWeeks

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We haven’t had a kindness post for a few weeks, so we are going to share something with you that actually fits into two of the series that we have on the site; our adult and children coloring pages, and the Kindness themes that we regularly run. Today we have a love adult and kids coloring post for you, with two coloring pages for you to have a go with. Why not check out all the love coloring pages we have for you today.

As we have for the other coloring that we have done if these series, we have created one for your children, and one for you. The idea is that you will be able to sit (quietly?!) and do them with your children. Hopefully finding joy in being with them, and maybe even relaxing a little at your color.

With the theme of the pages being love, we are also linking this into our #52KindWeeks resources too, so we continue this line on the site as well.

Some gorgeous love coloring pages for adults and kids, as part of our Kindness series of resources. Do check the other resource out on the site.

As you can see from this picture, the adult version is a little more intense than the children’s one, but hopefully just as much fun to actually sit down and do! Perhaps if you have slightly older children, they can have a go as well at this one?

Love kids coloring page

This is a little simpler for your kids, but to be honest, looks just as relaxing for us to color; perhaps you can chop and change?!?!

If you would like to look at the other Kindness resources that we have on the site alongside these, to encourage your kids to be kind, and to share with those less fortunate, then perhaps you can check out these articles too:

These are all the amazing kindness resources we have, but we also have some other adult and kids coloring in various different themes for you as well. Why not check out the cat, seaside, ocean, high heel and jungle coloring we have too? Bet you will love these as well!

Without further ado – here are the resources for you to download.

Love coloring pages for adults and kids

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