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Free lunch box notes for your kids #52KindWeeks

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We got a lovely little set of free lunch box notes to share with you this Friday – as part of our Kindness series of printables and posts for our readers.

Sometimes it is worth sharing a little kindness with our own kids – and a lunch box note goes a long way to helping to make them feel a little bit special. It is also a great wasy to encourage them to be a kind to others too.

We have two sizes of printables for you, and eight different notes to use as well. Messages being held up by our rather gorgeous little characters in these lunch box notes are:

  • I love you,
  • Be kind,
  • Today, you are a rockstar,
  • I am soooo proud of you,
  • Just be You, Because YOU is amazing,
  • Be awesome,
  • Be a smart cookie today, and
  • You are my little star.

There should certainly be something in all of these that will give you the sentiment that you need, whatever you kids are doing that day. Full lunch box notes are linked to in the image at the end of the article.

We have made a couple of different sizes for you, because lunch boxes come in all shapes and sizes, of course! You may also want to leave the notes anyway – I find it is quite nice to find a little something special in their socks in the morning. It is a lovely way to start the day, and a little bit of a surprise too.

This size above fits on a single A4 sheet – and the one below is slightly bigger – just in case you have a larger lunch box for your kids!

If you like this printable, then do check out some of the other resources that we have on the site for our Kindness initiative. We started this a few weeks ago, and continue to try and share ideas as regularly as we can. If you have any experiences, and resources you would like to share, feel free to do so with the #52KindWeeks hashtag, so we can see what you are up to as well.

Kindness resources that we have shared in the past include:

We also have a Pinterest board, so why not follow us on Pinterest, or sign up to our newsletter, so you won’t miss any of our posts in this series, and the other printables resources on the site too.

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