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RAOK ideas for kids: Kindness notecards #31daysofactivities

Another fabulous idea for kids from our 31 days of activities for kids are these kindness notecards for kids from Coffee and Carpool. These are one of a number of RAOK ideas for kids that we have on the site. Don’t forget to check out the other ones after you have downloaded these resources.

I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!

Those are pretty consistent cries we hear around our home. Which is super ironic since our home is filled to the brim with books, art supplies, games, puzzles, and toys.

And even though it’s completely okay for our kids to be bored and to figure out what and how to entertain themselves without adult intervention, I also love having a few ideas in my backpocket, ready to go to alleviate their boredom.

And while I love having science experiments and crafts and ways to encourage my kids to get outside, when the activity I suggest serves a bigger purpose than just entertaining my kids, it’s a win-win.

So we often set our kids up with activities that are also ways to spread kindness to others as a boredom buster. And one of our favorite ways to do it is with these Coloring Kindness Notecards my kids can make, then hand out as a random act of kindness.

Why RAOK ideas of kindness are important

ROAK ideas for kids

Teaching our kids to be kind is so essential in our family, it’s one of our only two family rules. Kindness is not a nice to have. It’s a must have.


Science has proven that kind people are happier people. I can help my kids find more happiness in their lives when they spread kindness and help those around them.

When our kids are kind to their siblings, there’s less bickering and fighting and sibling jealousy so our homes are happier, calmer, more peaceful places to be.

And when our kids spread kindness to neighbors and classmates and safe strangers, they’re not only making the world a kinder place to be, they’re actually encouraging other people to also be kind. Since kindness is contagious, one kind act performed by our kids, can ripple out and turn into multiple kindness acts.  

But we can’t just cross our fingers and hope kindness happens. We have to intentionally teach our kids how to speak and act with kindness more often, with less reminders.

So we read books about kindness and we talk about kindness with discussion starters and we give our kids fun, yet meaningful opportunities to volunteer and spread kindness to those around them often.

Get more ideas on how to teach our kids to be kind to siblings, classmates and neighbors here.

How to use the coloring kindness notecards

Ideas for kids kindness note cards
  1. Download and print out the coloring kindness notecards on cardstock or thick paper. To do this, just click on the circular image below,
kindness note cards as a idea for kids

Color in the kindness notecards. There are a number of different options for you within the pack. Let’s take a look:

You can choose to use page 2 and color in the whole thing.

You can use page 3 and color in the words, but draw in your own picture.

You can use page 4 and color in the images and write your own message, or

You use the blank cards on page 5 and write and draw your own messages.

Cut the cards apart,

You can write your name on the back of the cards or keep it anonymous, and

Drop off the cards to neighbours or friends on their doorsteps or in mailboxes.

Then talk to your kids about how something as simple as coloring a note and leaving it for someone else can change someone’s day for the better.

When we let others know we’re thinking of them and wish them well, we’re brightening their day, sending them some of our joy, and spreading kindness.  

And knowing that we’ve made someone else’s day better, makes our day better.

And fights off boredom at the same time.

<< Just click on the circular image below for the download! >>

We do hope you like this – check out the other Kindness ideas on the site, and sign up to our activity a day newsletter as well.

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We have more kindness activities on the site, so do take a look.

Teaching kindness

We have so many resources on kindness - because it IS one of the most important things that we need to teach our children.

There are even more lovely kindness activities from the web. Why not take a look at these?

Kindness activities from the internet

More ideas to inspire kindness and positivity in your children

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Nicole Black is a mom of three, a credentialed elementary school teacher, and created Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids and the Kid Kids Movement. She helps busy parents and educators intentionally raise kind kids with simple yet meaningful ideas so children become the best version of themselves and can spread their kindness with others.

You can also find her on social too:

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