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Free Stand with Ukraine Poster: How to help Ukraine

If any of you are like us, you are devastated at what is happening to Ukraine and Ukranians at the hands of Putin and the Russian Army. It is so difficult watching the war unfold on our screens, and social media feeds day to day, and hard to know how to Stand with Ukraine. One of the things we can do, is to speak out, and to learn how to donate to Ukraine, so that at least there is money to support refugees and those that need it wherever they are. We are all looking for how to help Ukraine.

With this in mind, we have created a complete free poster to show we care, and this article provides some of the ways that we have found to donate to Ukraine. If you find others, that are verified, please add them to the comments section too.

The poster has been designed by my daughter (16), and is her simple depiction of how we should be offering a hand to a country that is in the throes of war.

Sometimes it really is the children that need to show us the way.

We must all stand with Ukraine to stop this terrible war, so that it doesn’t tear the world apart.

How to help Ukraine

The simplest way to help Ukraine is to stand with Ukraine, and to provide money to support the efforts there; helping all those displaced and torn about by the war. We have looked for organisations, that are verified to try and help give to support those in crisis in Ukraine, and this is what we have found for you.

1. Disasters Emergency Committee

This organisation mobilises on the ground wherever there are humanitarian crises, and they are currently in Ukraine, Poland and other neighboroughing countries doing as much as possible to support as many people as they possibly can.

2. Global Giving Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund

Global Giving is an organised based in the US, and again mobilises to help communities give and support as required when there are crises across the globe. They have supported many disasters globally, and are committed to providing support for Ukrainian refeguees as needed including:

  • Health and support psychologically,
  • Shelter, food, and water for refugees fleeing the crisis,
  • Educational and assistance economically, and
  • Other support as required and where they are able.

3. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The United Nations in the UK have launched an appeal to support the 1mill+ refugees that have already become displaced by the war in Ukraine. Donate what you can to support, including everything from emergency housing to advocacy.

4. Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Set up, and based within the US, to support Ukrainian soldiers and their families to insure they have access to suitable medical support, and care so that they are able to have a good standard of living. Established in 2016, the non-profit has been supporting Ukrainian soldiers and families for a number of years within the country.

Ukrainian rehabilitation center "NextStep" helps to Ukrainian Army

5. International Committee of the Red Cross

The Red Cross has launched an appeal for Ukraine, though they have been present in the country since 2014. They are working with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to help the Ukrainian people as much as they possibly can. Their operations are amongst the largest in the country, with over 600 staff members providing aid and support.

6. GoFundMe: Keep the Ukrainian Media going

Media organisations are vital in making sure that the truth about what is happening in Ukraine gets out to media organisations globally. Ukrainian media is under siege. This is a GoFundMe page, set up and supported by a number of different organisations, to try and keep the media going; helping them to relocate and tell their stories globally.

7. UNICEF Ukrainian appeal

UNICEF has been supporting children and young people for years, and has set up a Ukrainian appeal to help children affected by the humanitarian crisis. UNICEF is supporting children throughout the country to insure they can provide the best support they can including medication, sanitation, safe drinking water, protection and education for families in Ukraine.

8. World Health Organisation Ukrainian appeal

The World Health Organisation have had an awful lot to do recently, but have launched an appeal specifically to help Ukrainians access the healthcare that they need. Given the access issues that they are having because of being unable to leave home, and towns due to the fear of War, there is a very realy danger that those wounded, or needing medical attention will not be able to access it.

WHO have launched an emergency appeal to raise money so that healthcare needs can be met as much as possible in the face of this horrendous conflict.

Finally a further idea….

9. Go Local to Stand with Ukraine

Above are some of the national organisations that you can explore to learn how to help Ukraine. However, why not make sure that you check out your local paper for any other organisations more local to you to support those in crisis.

We hope that one of these is something that you feel you can donate too.

Why not download our Stand with Ukraine poster too?

We’d love you to download our Stand with Ukraine poster as well. Share it, and anything else to spread the word about giving and, donating.

Spreading to word about how to help Ukraine is a small thing; but as the all kindness, ripples can go far, and create big results.

Why not tweet about it now? Or share on Facebook?

Downloading the poster is easy – just click on the button below now.

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