Trinity help the homeless in Hillingdon and beyond. Remember how easily it could be you....

My brother lived on the streets so it really COULD be you #ItCouldBeMe

This is a staggering statistic: “Most of us are only three missed pay checks from homelessness.” This isn’t the only stark reality about homelessness, which is why We are Trinity and The Big SleepOut is so important for 2015. Being homeless has touched my life, with my brother living on the streets for a number of months because of mental […]

by Helen • November 3, 2015
It isn't easy having a child - we all know that. One second, you turn yoiur back and they are getting into trouble! Here are some ideas to help prevent those accidents in the home, which really do cause much heartache; it is worth taking time to read this.
Charities Kids Charity Showcase

The shocking truth about kids accidents, and ten ways to avoid them

Now, I don’t like to create alarm, and this post is certainly not intended to do this at all. What we are trying to do is raise awareness of how easy it is for: a) A child to have an accident in the home, and most importantly, b) Prevent those accidents with our kids. That […]

by Helen • September 22, 2015
My Dinosaurs are saddled up and we are ready to boogie in the Comic Relief Danceathon!

Comic Relief #Danceathon: The story of a honkosaurus and a personal nightmare in gold leggings

So on Sunday I saddled up my Dinosaurs, and rode off to Wembley to shake my honkosaurus touche for the Comic Relief Danceathon… And guess what, we did it. TeamHonk are officially awesome – well if Claudia Winkleman says it, it must be true, right? There is still time to SPONSOR ME, and we can […]

by Helen • March 9, 2015
g in a Dinosaur Onesie for Red Nose Day - that HAS to be worth a bit of sponsorship money doesn't it? *th March is the big day - support KiddyCharts if you can!!

Sponsor the Honkosaurus! #TeamHonkDanceathon

  Come one everyone – Sponsor the HONKOSAURUS! After my aborted attempt to draw a Honkosaurus, the lovely and very talented Alice, from Life as Alice, put together this wonderful picture for me…what do you think? I suspect that this is the cutest that I am ever, ever likely to look. The big day is […]

by Helen • February 27, 2015
This isn't the Honkosaurus., thanksfully - wait to see the real one sometime next week...I hope!

Walking the Dinosaur for Red Nose Day #Teamhonkdanceathon

This blogging business has helped me do many a wonderful things – from messing about with many wonderful products, to meeting some truly amazing people. Sometimes though, it makes me do stuff that, well, in all honesty, I thought I was a little bit passed – I am mature now right? However, thanks to the […]

by Helen • February 24, 2015
Charities Kids Charity Showcase

Introducing the One Feeds Two Foundation

  It’s November and I am not ashamed to say that the launch of the new John Lewis advert has already got me feeling slightly festive. I am not usually so easily taken in by these adverts, if anything I am the ‘bah humbug’ guy who leaves Christmas until the 24th. However, this year is […]

by J P • November 27, 2014
See the Child: Sign the petition NOW!

Help 1.5 million children find their voice #seethechild

  In January of this year, I had the pleasure of meeting the truly amazing Camila Batmanghelidjh, the founder and director of Kids Company. I hadn’t heard of the charity and was humbled by the work that she and her colleagues did to help children that in my ignorance, I didn’t know existed. I was distraught to […]

by Helen • June 25, 2014
Kids Charity Showcase

Charity Showcase: The Children’s Media Foundation

  Greg Childs, Director of the Children’s Media Foundation has some helpful strategies to navigate the kids and media minefield. My son’s in his twenties now.  He was brought up with the internet, started to learn to read by playing video games, and is one of the generation for whom watching TV has nothing […]

by April 18, 2014

Rubymoon designer swimwear & discount #voucher

  In 2008, I was living a life most of us can only dream of. I was a lingerie and swimwear designer based in the US, working in a high-pressure, highly-paid job that allowed me to travel the world.I had been head-hunted by US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret in 1997, and then moved on to […]

by Jo Godden • April 1, 2014
lastingchange: International Women's Day

International Women’s Day – A digital postcard from Tanzania showing the impact of #lastingchange

Alexander Residence, Mummy Barrow and Mammasaurus are doing amazing things for some amazing people as part of the wonderful sensation that is Teamhonk. They are currently in Tanzania looking at how Sport Relief money is spent to help some amazing women achieve against all odds; helping to create #lastingchange. Take the wonderful Eliafura, sorking hard […]

by Helen • March 8, 2014