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Did you know that KiddyCharts is a Social Enterprise? This means that we give at least 80% of our profits to charity. Last year we worked with Reverence for Life, and the year before we donated to Young Minds. Both of these are lovely charities that you should consider finding out more about as they are such important causes.

While there are some causes that may be important overall, there are also some that speak closer to our hearts and lives, and we completely respect that. But we do encourage you taking a look at our chosen charity. Know that by supporting KiddyCharts you are also supporting the many projects our charity makes possible both at home and abroad.

We love bringing awareness to our projects of love, but also to charities overall, which is why we have this category for you to browse through and find something that inspires you as well.

For example, you can,

  • Help us raise money by purchasing our mindful colouring book for adults and kids, where £1 of the proceeds goes to Rethink mental health charity. The book is only £2.99 so the same as a cup of coffee, or even less,
  • Find out what charities need your help and choose who to donate to,
  • Take part in wonderful events like Comic Relief, and,
  • Even see what charity events we have taken part of!

Doing our bit for the world and each other is so important to us at KiddyCharts so we encourage you to find more ways to make a difference and hope that our site inspires you, your kids, and your family to do just that.