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Hot Cross Bunny activity sheets

We have another set of activity sheets for you from our Shelf Care book club; this time focused on an amazing Easter book from Quarto Kids. The book for this month is Hot Cross Bunny (RRP £6.99), and we are releasing it on the 6th April. This is a simply charming book about Steve, the Hot Cross Bunny, and his wish to win the Golden Egg cup. He hasn’t had the best growing seasons for his Chocolate Eggs, and he isn’t sure he’ll be able to win the prize. Then something amazing, and a wee bit frightening happens! We are, of course, going to be sending all our members the eBook (a PDF) for this amazing book thanks to Quarto Kids. So hurry up and join, so you get it too! Remember, being a member means you get a chance to win with LEGO, Playmobil, Readly, and get a freebie from Zimpli Kids. More info here.

We have 12-pages of fun ideas for you to go with the book this month. Do check out the other Easter ideas on the site as well. Hot Cross Bunny isn’t JUST for Easter though, its a charming story anytime of year as well.

What’s included within the Hot Cross Bunny activity sheet pack

Our first three pages are wonderful examples of the gorgeous-ness that is the Hot Cross Bunny book! We have the cover sheet – where there is a QR code for you to join the book club – followed by two pages from the book that we have turned into colouring sheets for you.

The Quarto Group is providing free Hot Cross Bunny activity sheets and book cards with a surprise sound, as well as a free book download to join their Shelf Care Book Club.

The first is the cover sheet with Steve looking a tad annoyed on, followed by a page from the story that gives you a hint of the hilarity that the books contains. This is for ages 0 – 5, but we think that older kids will love it too. Perhaps even adults! We have enjoyed reading it ourselves to our kids, of course.

Our next two pages include a further colouring sheet with two children getting eggs with little dragons inside them. Followed by our first activity sheet created by KiddyCharts.

This activity is simple. We have a little twist on the decorate your own egg for Easter idea. This time – we’d like to see what children think a Dragon Egg might look like, and to decorate their egg like that. Alternatively, you can, of course, just create an Easter Egg as well. Print out a few to have even more fun!

Friendship writing prompt

One of the key themes with the Hot Cross Bunny book is friendship. We have therefore included a writing prompt within the activity sheets for you to explore around this.

For younger children, feel free to talk around the topic, if writing is a little too much for them. This means that this activity can be for any age child. Just adapt it as you might see fit for your children.

Exploring our feelings with Hot Cross Bunny

The next few sheets are about exploring how Steve feels within the book.

For part of the story, Steve is a bit afraid, and then shows great bravery. We have asked children to show where they might feel fear in their body, to help them connect with it. This also helps them recognise it too. Anxiety is rooted in fear, of course. Helping to understand this, can help to manage our worries, and also to normalise them. Feeling fear, and worry is normal. It is when that fear, and anxiety becomes all encompassing that we struggle.

We also share a picture of Steve, and ask what is happening. Discuss this with your children – what is going on here, and how can we help ourselves when we feel like this. Steve is sad or disappointed in this picture. Don’t forget to use your Thats Okay feelings eBook to help with this (which you get as membership of the club) as well as the feelings colouring pages we have for free on the site.

Happiness and sequencing cards for growing Easter Eggs?!!?

Our final two sets of activities are LOADS of fun. We are asking kids to draw their own pictures of Steve looking happy. They can check out the eBook for ideas of what that might look like, and draw their own picture.

Finally, cut out the easter egg shaped cards, mix them up, and get the children to sequence them based on how you think that a little Easter Egg plant might grow. They nee just what usual plants need of course 🤣.

Aren’t these just – THE BEST! To download them, just click on the button or the image below and they are yours.

If you are a member of the Shelf Care Club, you will get a copy of the PDF eBook, so these activities will really make so much more sense. If you want to buy the book, why not hop on over to Amazon?

If you love this club – do share with family, friends and your school. It is 100% free to you, and everyone gets an eBook every single month.

We hope you like this, and that you will come and see us again soon to check out some of the other activities we have on the site. Why not take a look at our printables, or even our shop – if you join our premium site – 90% of the shop is free!

Benefits to being part of KiddyCharts free Shelf Care book club

Just in case you need a little persuading to join – for this month (April 2023), we have a few additional benefits for you for the club:

  • Giveaways for being a member of the club with both Playmobil, and LEGO,
  • Free memberships to be handed out for Readly, as well as an increased 6-week trial. You get details of this once you sign up, and
  • Fabulous, fun and free goodies from Zimpli Kids if you are a member on the 6th April, 2023.

Why wouldn’t you want to join?

We really hope to see you on the site again soon – and enjoy the book club as well.

A child is joining a book club and receiving a surprise gift of chocolate eggs for joining, illustrated by Carys Bexington.

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