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Animal books for kids: Five books your children will love #31daysofactivities

We have something slightly different in our 31 days of activities for kids today, from Cruelty Free Guide. We are looking at animal books for kids; why not explore these and see if there is one here that your child might enjoy?

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Animal books for kids

Perhaps your child an animal lover? A cat or dog buddy? Maybe a nurturer by nature? Or maybe not!

Childhood is a great phase for the kids to discover their interests. And you, as a parent can lead them to their rightful passion! Maybe it is reading or being a nature &animal lover?

Anyhow, here are 5 amazing animal books for kids under 10. These are fun, humorous, entertaining, engrossing and educational. They are colorful with beautiful graphics and illustrations that kids will surely love. Nice package, eh?!

Let’s dive in!

1. Mr. Poppers Penguins

Animal books for kids Mr Poppers

A classic book by Richard Atwater, is a truly enjoyable read for the kids. They’ll surely love the story. Mr Popper’s Penguin is a fun tale about a forgetful house painter who would have painted every house in the town, many times! It all starts when he receives a huge mail, a penguin at his house. Quickly, there are plenty of them.

A captivating and imagination filled read is what follows. And if you’re wondering, this book is not similar to the movie that goes by the same name. It is suitable for kids and doesn’t get into the complicated movie stuff.

Personally, I love penguins. You’ll find me watching penguin videos while working from home. They’re a real de-stress. What I’m saying here is maybe your child is also a future penguin lover who would be interested in learning more about Antarctica, ice berg, and maybe global warming.

2. Dog Man: Grime and Punishment

Animal books for kids Dog Man

This one is the ninth book in the Dog Man series. If you’ve not read any, you’re missing out! The series is a fun and completely fantastical tale for children.

Grime and Punishment will have kids engrossed and engaged in the story. It all starts with Dog Man being fired by the mayor. What happens next is what for the reader to find out. Will he get his job back? Let your kid uncover this mystery.

Dog Man is authored by worldwide bestselling author, Dav Pilkey. You’ll surely want to catch up on the other books in this series!

3. Mercy Watson to The Rescue

Animal books for kids Mercy Watson

Another great book from the Mercy Watson series, Mercy Watson to The Rescue is a hilarious adventure of the pet pig of the Watson couple. The illustrations are fun, colorful and humorous, eye-catching for the kids. It is an easy to read book, that’s also exciting.

An excellent book about animals, and a nice way to take a break from the regular fairies and princess stories. Your child will definitely fall in love with this and you might want to check out other books in the series.

4. Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend

Five books your children will love

Everyone needs a best friend. Everyone needs a dog! Is your kid also a pet lover and wants to have a pup? You like their enthusiasm but are afraid of how it might go? I hear you. As a parent, you’re right. But here is something that will surely help!

Dog Training for Kids is a guide for your child to train their dogs and build a rapport with them. The best part? It is all fun and games, no overwhelm! This book walks you through the basic training which includes dog behaviors, potty training, putting on leash, and following basic commands. There is also an array of tips on dog proofing your home. Safe to say, this is the best dog training book, especially geared towards children.

5. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals

Very important Animal books for kids

This is the encyclopedia targeted at kids, to create a spark and interest in the outer world. My Very Important Encyclopedias is a collection of various Encyclopedia. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals is a part of the series. If your child fancy learning or if you want to incorporate a learning curve, you might want to check the other books in the same series.

The book contains attractive colorful graphics that your kids would love. It has piles of information about the animals, ranging from dogs, sharks to birds and fish. There are allsorts of beings; reptiles, mammals, & birds. A great book to learn facts about the animals in a fun manner.

These are some of the interesting animal books for your kids to enjoy! Which one is your pick? Have you read any of these? Does your child have a favorite animal book they adore? Share in the comments.

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Five animal books your children will love

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