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Colouring craft activity: Colour within the lines #31daysofactivities

We have Arthur Wears guesting on the site today for our 31 days of activities with a lovely colour craft activity.

Colouring craft activity

I love to see young children explore with different art resources and mediums at will. Watching the ‘process’ and honouring this over and above the end result is so important, but, there does come a moment for some children where they are desperate to colour objects and pictures and stay within the lines – which is often beyond their current level of development. It’s very easy as an adult to just do it for them when they ask for help, but in doing so, we aren’t helping them to continue the process independently whilst being on board with their own wishes of a certain end result.

Shop bought pictures with fuzzy edges to help with colouring can help, but they are an expense and can’t always be tailored to the child’s interest or within a topic you are learning about.

Today I am going to show you a really simple and easy way of making your own colouring sheets for younger children to use independently. There will be  printable available should you wish to use the same shape activity that I did.

This activity also doubles up as a fab fine motor activity for learning about shapes by ‘feeling’ the outlines, and can also be used for paper rubbings to then have a go at colouring in without the extra guides!

If you would like to view a quick video of how this was made you may do so here:

How to colour within the lines - craft activity

How to make your colouring sheet activity:

First of all, print off your chosen picture onto paper or card. You can find the same shape picture I used here (insert link to download) or any other colouring sheet of your choosing.

Colour within the lines

Next, take your glue gun and switch it on. Once it has heated up, use your glue gun to glue a thin line on top of all of the picture outlines. Once the glue has dried, remove and residue, or bits of glue ‘spider web’ to clean up your picture.

Colour within the lines crafty activity

You are now ready to start colouring! You could use paint, crayons, felt tip, pens or pencils. Your child should be able to successfully colour within the glued lines, meaning they can focus on choosing colours for a purpose.

Colouring activity

Additional activities for your colouring sheet:

Fine motor tracing: This craft activity is also great for fine motor work and sensory feedback – providing a raised surface for children to feel and trace the outlines of shapes or patterns. Have a read of this earlier guest post here for information as to why fine motor pattern tracing is so important for early mark making. This previous craft can be used alongside this glue gun activity as an alternative method.

Paper rubbings: By placing a piece of paper on top of your colouring sheet, you will be able to create paper rubbing images using crayons or pencils, which your child could then use as an additional challenge to practise colouring in without the glued guidelines!

Playdough stamps: If you drew or printed your image onto cardboard, then you now have a fab homemade playdough stamp or base board to roll your homemade playdough onto.

The most important thing is to help and allow your children to express themselves creatively without worrying about them doing it ‘wrong’ or thinking too much about the end result. This activity is great for helping as a guide, but it is also important to value and praise work where children have used colour and filled in images to their own ability and creative levels without worry.

To download the shapes for this activity, just click on the circular image below and you can access it.

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