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Nature colour wheel #31daysofactivities

We are getting back to nature today for our 31 Days of Activities extravaganza, with this wonderful nature colour wheel activity from Mimosas and Motherhood.

Nature colour wheel

This nature color wheel is such a simple and easy activity that you can do with your kids year round! A fun and easy way to learn colors and incorporate nature into learning. Your children will love finding items to match the colors on their color wheel.

Our family love spending time exploring outdoors. My boys are at the age where the temperature or weather doesn’t seem to matter: all they want to do is play outside!

I love giving them as much fresh air as possible, but also work to find ways to incorporate school and learning into the mix. This Nature Color Wheel is a fun way to not only enjoy being outside, but to also work on their color recognition and talk about the lifecycle of nature.

I created our color wheel on my computer using clip art, but you can make your own color wheel easily out of a paper plate and markers if you’re in a pinch! Remember, your kids won’t care how perfect it is.

How to use a nature color wheel:

  1. Cut out your color wheel if you printed one. If you are making one out of a paper plate, measure and color in each area using markers.
  2. And clips or pegs to wheel so that your child can save their treasures.
  3. Head outside and let the exploring begin!

I like to start by going over all of the colors together with my children. We walk around the yard or neighborhood, point out the different hues of similar colors. I then challenge them to find something that matches every color on their nature color wheel.

Part of the fun is letting them explore on their own and see what they come up with! You can wander together on a color walk or nature hike, or set them loose in your backyard to discover on their own and bring their items back to you.

One of the best parts about this activity is you can recreate it over and over again in different places for even more fun! Take your color wheel with you to the park, on a hike in the woods, or even to the beach. Your children will love find different items and materials to create their own color wheel each time!

You can also use your nature color wheel to mark the changes of the seasons. Take a photo of their nature color wheel in spring, summer, fall and winter, and display them all together when you’re finished. Ask your children to point out things that are similar (like leaves), and how they’re still different (the different colors throughout the year).

We hope this Nature Color Wheel activity brings as much fun to your day as it does for Siobhan’s kids!

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