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Forest school activities: How to reconnect YOUR kids with nature

Forest school is a very popular way to teach kids, while giving them an opportunity to get close to nature, and hopefully rather dirty at the same time ;-)

Now, Forest School becomes even more accessible with the publication of Play The Forest School Way, (US/UKa woodland adventure book.

This book is packed full of outdoor activities for parents and children. Ideas include making nature jewellery, constructing a bow and arrow, foraging for food and making a fire. The book is written by Jane Worroll, an ex-countryside ranger, and Peter Houghton, a trained Forest School leader.

We have FOUR of the wonderful activities for you to print out from the book for free, but don’t let it stop there. Play the Forest School way (US/UK) has lots of other wonderful activities and it only costs £9.95/$13.95.

Forest school is a brilliant way for kids to connect with nature. We have four amazing activities; mud faces, bats and moths, magic wands and a nature scavenger hunt too. Great forest school fun.

The Forest School movement encourages self-esteem, confidence and social skills through nature play. There have been a number of articles on the movement with Chris Evans also recently singing its praises on his Radio 2 show. This beautifully illustrated book is perfect to take on a summer holiday to the countryside or to use as an activity book for kids and parents when looking for things to do during the summer.

Play The Forest School Way (US/UK) will help kids connect with nature (and their parents!), learn new skills, be adventurous and have fun, with woodland games, crafts and more… The book is written for parents, teachers and guardians and the activities are suitable from pre-school to age 11.

Mud Faces

There is nothing better than a bit of messy play to get the kids excited about their forest school activities, and this is just a perfect activity for this. Kids love to explore, and mixing earth and water to make mud faces can create some magical folk of the forest for your kids to hang out with.

Mud faces is a great activity for the kids. Try it now and help the kids have fun and get messy in the forest together.

Click the image to download the printable

Magic Wands

There is NOTHING more magical than making a wand in the woods, and every aspiring little Harry Potter will love to do it. Why not teach the kids all about the different woods available in the forest at the same time as well?

We all love a good magic wand. These activities are perfect for a bit of magic wand making - get your kids to be Harry Potter now!

Click the image to download the printable

Bat and Moth

This is a wonderful game, where the kids learn to be a bat, a moth or a tree within the forest. They learn about Echolocation, and use their imaginations to try and feel how a bat swoops between the trees, or a moth evades capture. A great forest activity, and one the kids will remember doing long after the forest school trip has ended.

This is a lovely little game that helps teach kids about echolocation. Get them to use their imagination as they pretend to be a bat, moth or trees together. Go on, download and give it a go now.

Click the image to download the printable

Scavenger Hunt

There is nothing like a good scavenger hunt to get the kids in the forest school mood! This forest school activity is tried and tested, and won’t disappoint; so get searching! We have a little board for the kids to use, and instructions for you so you really get into it with this. Come on – can you hear the sound of the wind?

Forest school would be complete with a forest scavenger hunt now, would it? This is a great one for the kids combining sounds, with colours and nature. Can you hear the wind? Try it with the kids now.

Click the image to download the printable

These are only four of the wonderful activities that are featured in the forest school book; Play the Forest School Way (US/UK). Why not check it out for more great activities and have fun in the forest with the kids today.

Activities for the kids to get messy with; mud faces, bat and moth game, forest scavenger hunt, and making magic wands. Wonderful games to play to get connected to nature - why not download them now?

We have some excellent activities for kids elsewhere on the blog – why not check them out too?

You can check out activities and printables for lots more too. There’s bound to be something that you like there.

There are some wonderful forest activities on the internet too, particularly on other kid blogger sites. Have a look at these too:

Why not check out my forest school pinterest board too?

Happy climbing, and messing everyone.

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Hi, Thanks for sharing this informative and necessary post and it is our duty to teach children about nature importance. Thanks again bro...

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