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How to Draw a Snowflake Step-by-Step (Free Printable)

Teach your kids how to draw a snowflake and they’ll produce tons of beautiful snowflakes to add a little holiday cheer all winter long!

How to draw a snowflake - simple instructions for you to print out NOW and do with the kids! #winter #snowflakes #kidsactivities #kids

As soon as the leaves start to fall, young children start wondering when the first snow will fall! Tap into that curiosity and excitement by teaching them how to draw a snowflake using this easy tutorial. They’ll learn a simple snowflake design they can make their own by adding extra details and different colors.

We’ve created a free printable with step-by-step instructions that teaches your kids how to make their own snowflake drawing with just a few simple lines and shapes.

First, they’ll learn how to make the basic shape of a snowflake using straight lines. Then, they’ll be able to use this skill to make their own snowflakes!

How to Draw a Snowflake for Beginners

The instructions are all included in our free How to Draw a Snowflake printable, but you can use these instructions on your own piece of paper, too. Just use the reference image and follow the instructions below! You’ll have your own beautiful snowflake before you know it!

To get the easy snowflake drawing printable, just click on the image below.

How to draw a snowflake - simple instructions for you to print out NOW and do with the kids! #winter #snowflakes #kidsactivities #kids

Step 1

In the center of your page, draw a vertical line and mark its center point (a). Cross the middle of the first line with two angled lines (b), (c).

Step 2

Add the arm of the snowflake by drawing a V at the points of the snowflake. Keep them symmetrical!

Step 3

Draw a small circle directly over the center of your basic snowflake shape. Add a slightly larger circle around the inner circle.

Step 4

Draw a hexagon around the larger circle. The middle of the hexagon’s sides should touch the bottom V of the arms.

Step 5

Fill the space between each of the arms and the body lines with your favorite colour.

Which shape will you use to draw snowflakes?

This may look like a simple art activity, but it’s also a fascinating lesson to teach your little ones some basic geometry. You can review these terms before or after teaching your child how to draw a snowflake.

Symmetry: Each side of your snowflake drawing should be the mirror image of the other side. If you fold your snowflake in half, does it fold neatly?

Circles: A circle is a round polygon made from one line. All points on the circle should be equal distance from each other.

Line segments: Lines can go on forever, but line segments are shorter sections of lines with clear ends on either side. These form the basic shape of the snowflake.

Hexagon: A hexagon is a six-sided polygon. Because our snowflake has six sides, we can add a hexagon in the middle of our snowflake. What would happen if our snowflake had more lines? Would the shape change?

Before your kids make their own drawings, invite them to look at real snowflakes to learn more about the different ways snow crystals may form. If it’s snowing near you, they might even be able to find their own specimens!

What are the best coloring tools to draw a snowflake?

This is a great winter art project for kids of all ages! We recommend starting with a pencil to make it easy to erase and fix any mistakes. Once the basic snowflake design is on the page, use an eraser to remove the leftover pencil lines.

Then, use any art supplies appropriate to the age of your artists, including crayons, colored pencils, markers, permanent markers, oil pastels, or even acrylic paints!

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Geraline Batarra

Friday 21st of December 2018

Wow, and that's how easy it was to draw a snowflake? I never know anything about drawing  and this activity makes it easy.


Wednesday 19th of December 2018

My little one would love this! He loves to draw. I love that with a printable, you can get lots of chances to practice.


Wednesday 19th of December 2018

I love this for winter crafting for the kids! Snowflakes are so cute!

Shweta koul

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Amazing art work, looks so simple. I'll definitely try this out with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

Fibi Tong

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

This is an good idea dear! I love it

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