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Unicorn paper plate craft; includes a dragon too!

Encourage your child’s imagination with this Myths and Legends Paper Plate Craft. Using a few supplies found at home, you’ll be able to enjoy craft time with your kids. This adorable Myths and Legends Unicorn Paper Plate Craft is a fun yet simple craft idea for all ages.

Making paper crafts for kids is such a fun way to encourage imagination. As your children work to create this they’ll start to envision the beautiful scene.

Unicorn paper plate craft; includes a dragon too!

Paper crafts to make when bored

If your kids are bored and looking for something fun to do, print this craft! With just a few supplies and some magic you can enjoy hours of pretend play with this fantasy scene of a unicorn and dragon.

Making paper plate crafts with kids helps encourage fine motor skill usage, boosts creativity and gives hours of fun for bored kids. You’ll find the instructions and printable below to create this craft with kids today.

How to Make Myths and Legends Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

List of Supplies:

  1. Paper plate
  2. Colored craft papers
  3. Green yarn
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Craft glue
  7. Needle
  8. Googly eye

Paper Plate Preparation

Prepare your needle with green thread.

green yarn and needle

Take your paper or plastic plate and start to stitch from one side to the opposite side of the plate. Keep the thread tight and pulled upward.

making a unicorn paper craft

Only stitch half of the plate with your green thread, leaving the other half free of thread.

needle yarn and paper craft

The green is going to be the grass for your myths and legends paper plate craft, you can use two different shades of green yarn to give the “grass” some texture and extra color.

paper plate craft

Measure the bottom diameter of the plate and cut out 2 half circles according to that measurement. Cut one-half circle from green colored craft paper and the other one from blue-colored craft paper. Also, trace and cut out 2 cloud patterns from white paper.

supplies for paper plate craft

Attach the half-circle green cutout below the green strings on the plate.

paper plate craft for kids

Attach the blue half-circle cutout on the other half of the plate for your sky on the myths and legends paper plate craft.

making a unicorn paper plate craft

Unicorn Preparation

Trace the unicorn template on your selected colored paper and cut out your unicorn.

unicorn paper craft

Attach the big hair pattern onto the backside of your unicorn’s head.

making a paper unicorn

Next, attach the medium hair pattern on the forehead of the unicorn. Then, add the other hair patterns to complete the unicorns hair.

paper unicorn

The next step is to add the semi-circular part on the bottom side of the unicorn face.

paper unicorn

Attach the horn and tail to your unicorn.

paper unicorn

Add googly eyes and use a sharpie to trace a smiley face.

unicorn paper plate craft

Place the paper unicorn in between the green string grass and the dragon in the sky (the blue part of your paper craft).

unicorn plate craft

Repeat the steps above to make your paper dragon.

completed unicorn and dragon paper plate craft

Are you ready to create the Unicorn and dragon paper plate craft? Download the templates first to start with, Click the image below to download.

Unicorn paper plate craft; includes a dragon too!

You can show me your children’s creation once you finish it. I believe you would have had some fun together. If you are a fan of unicorns, we have some great unicorn activities you can enjoy together.

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Unicorn is a popular mythical creature among kids. Its unique soft pastel set of colors has made them fall for it. Here are some fun unicorn activity ideas kids will love to do.

You can check out other unicorn activities out there to give you more inspiration after doing the ones in this site.

Activity Ideas for Unicorn Theme

You can check out some creative activity ideas with the Unicorn theme. Have a great time with kids.

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