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Fun in the sun: Best outdoor activities for cruises with kids

Considering the multitude of kid-friendly events available, cruises are a great option for an exciting family vacation. Whether your kids enjoy swift, high-rope climbing, painting, music, or science or want to practice cooking, there are always plenty of activities to keep them occupied on a cruise ship. Here we are chatting about the best outdoor activities for cruises with kids – to give you an idea of what is out there to keep them entertained when you set foot on that ship.

Most cruise operators provide a range of daytime and evening onboard programs for toddlers, kids, and teenagers, and these sessions have been incorporated into your cruise packages and handled and overseen by qualified personnel. Numerous cruise lines also offer childcare facilities for a little extra cost.

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As lots of laughter and treasured memories go hand in hand while taking your children on an ocean voyage, these are the best outdoor events for kids you can partake in on a cruise ship.

1. Kids clubs

The cruise ship with the best kid’s club service is an onboard camp that certain high-end cruise operators provide to children aged 3 to 17. Age-appropriate events are planned by licensed educators in designated playgrounds, which might involve laboratory spaces, craft and artistic rooms, film theaters, and digital sports domains throughout the day as well as at night. These are usually drop-off initiatives, and parents are frequently prohibited from accompanying their children to the clubs. Many of them also provide playgrounds or childcare for young children.

We’ve even got some cruise activity sheets you might light to take a look at for your holidays as well.

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2. Join a dance party

Teen-only nightclubs are hosted by several cruise lines in its Edge Club. Older children are divided into categories of age, with clubs catering to older teenagers and younger adolescents. These nightclubs provide evening dance parties, arcade games, and beverage celebrations.

A child in a blue polka-dotted dress is joyfully twirling, with hair flying, in a warmly lit room featuring elegant furniture and framed artwork.

3. Play laser tag while you go around

The entire family will enjoy playing laser tag together. Little kids and adolescents alike will appreciate this game, which is hosted by a number of well-known cruise lines. Although there may occasionally be an additional cost, the thrill is definitely worth it!

4. Partake in ice skating: Yes really you can do this on cruises with kids

Anyone could have fun while partaking in ice skating. Skateboarding may be a humorous social event, an unforgettable date, or a joyful family outing, based on who you are with. A cruise ship’s ice skating arena is a venue for skateboarding performances and a skating area!

Close-up of a person's legs wearing black ice skates on an ice rink, captured mid-motion with ice shavings visible around the blade.

5. Have fun at the water park

Today’s cruise businesses are centered around water on and off the deck. While parents enjoy Mai Tais poolside, youngsters might spend the entire day jumping from surf pools to waterslides.

6. Camp outside with camp at sea

Camp at Sea is a fully customised camp in the cruise business, providing youngsters with unlimited hours of entertainment. Kids aged 3 to 17 may engage in a wide range of outdoor pursuits designed specifically for them. They will participate in gaming and arts-focused operations, go on treasure-hunting expeditions across the ship, and camp out beneath the stars. Maybe you could even adapt our ferry iSpy on board!

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Discover all the excitement the greatest cruise company offers when you go on a cruise trip. So, these are the top 5 outdoor activities for kids to get immersed in the world of cruising to obtain the maximum fun.

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