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Colouring pages for kids: travel

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We’ve got another wonderful travel themed set of colouring pages to share with you and this time it’s for your kids. We shared a lovely set of travel themed colouring pages for grown ups a couple of days ago, have you coloured those already?

Kids colouring pages on a travel theme have lots of fun with!

There are 4 fairly detailed colouring pages in this printable pack and each of them will have the kids wondering and asking questions about the wonderful places they will be colouring.

I’m quite enchanted with the one that has horses on it, isn’t that mansion magnificent? The one with the bees is pretty amazing too as you just have to love the busy little bees, one of the most important insects on our planet. All in all, all of these colouring pages are great and your kids will enjoy colouring them, mummy and daddy can join in the fun too, either colouring these or the adult ones we shared a couple of days ago.

So are you ready? Sharpen the colouring pencils or bring out the crayons and let the colourful fun begin.

Colouring pages for kids: travel

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These printables were provided by Oliver’s Travels so be sure to stop by their blog or connect with them on Twitter @olivers_travels

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