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5 reasons why buying a big bed is a must when you have kids

We have just bought our daughter a brand new double bed; it seems to be a rite of passage to me for a teenage to be allowed to get a double bed. It has also made me realise that before the kids reached this age – we didn’t realise how important a focus our bed would be either. So – here are some tongue in cheek thoughts that we had about buying a big bed as a parent.

Buying a big bed: 5 reasons why you should!

Some of these you may have thoughts of – but we bet some of them you haven’t at all…..

Duvet forts

Duvet fort: white duvet on bed.

You don’t realise quite how important duvets are in fort making until the kids reach fort making age.

You also don’t realise how long fort making age actually lasts! And even when your kids are beyond the age for it – they really rather like being able to steal your duvet and snuggle up with it while they are exploring the latest Netflix boxset….

School paperwork

Red haired girl sitting using laptop on bed.

Work involves a lot of paperwork – right?

BUT it doesn’t involve anywhere near as much paperwork as school does. Nursery, preschool, primary, and then secondary school involves so much administrative crap, that you WILL NOT be able to keep track unless you can either spread it across your dining table, or your king-sized bed.

Sometimes it feels like school are trying to make life busier for already busy parents….

Letters, emails, forms, reports, certificates, awards, and that does’t even take into account the out-of-school stuff you might have to content with as well….

If you aren’t there yet, brace yourself…

Hide and seek

Buying a big bed: 5 reasons why you should!

Teens still play hide and seek, so you need a bed big enough to hide under or behind! Sometimes if you are lucky you might even be able to hide from them long enough for a bit of a relaxing moment to yourself… 🤣

Less slaps in the face if you are cosleeping

Buying a big bed: 5 reasons why you should!

When they are little, there is almost always a moment, or rather a lot of moments, with the kids inevitably creeping into bed at 3am and then taking up all the space in your bed.

Buying a big bed means more room for you, and the scrabbling that kids seem to do in their sleep, so a king size mattress might just about give you the space you need. I don’t think they have a clue how NOT to try and sleep diagonally across the bed, do you?

Of you want to starfish – and you’ve got four in the bed, you are going to need the biggest bed ever, right?

Hiding all that crap

Buying a big bed: 5 reasons why you should!

Finally, if you’re still wondering whether buying a big bed is necessary, remember there is never enough space in your house for all the crap that having kids manages to generate.

Buy a king Size bed with plenty of storage space in it, including drawers and you might be eternally grateful for the extra space that gives you for toys, their school books, and goodness knows what else you might decide to pop in there.

We know – we told you that it wasn’t a serious post – but we are pretty sure that you will end up actually missing nights when the kids try and climb into bed un-noticed.

Cherish those moments when you get the 3am wander into your bed, or the little cry of “mum” in your left ear asking for a cuddle.

When they are 13 and 14; some of those teens don’t really want those cuddles anywhere near as much, and you’ll be sad you won’t be getting them anymore. I promise you.

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