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Number tracing for kids

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We gave you some shape tracing for kids last week on the site, and we are completing the series with our number tracing pack for kids today!

We’ve got numbers nought to nine for the kids to trace around, so ten worksheets for them. Bound to keep them busy for a little bit, so that you get to have a cup of something, right?

We’ve got a few other relevant activities on the site, alongside the shape tracing, that we have already mentioned. Pop along and check these ones out:

There are also some other great resources available on other sites too, so why not check out:

There are LOADS of benefits to tracing activities like this including:

  • It’s loads and loads of fun!
  • It means they have to SIT STILL and concentrate, which is a great skill to learn early in life,
  • Seeing something they have completed on their own boosts their confidence in their abilities,
  • Both sides of the brain are active; left and right,
  • Development of fine motor schools for helping them to learn to write later on,
  • They get to recognise the numbers (and shapes) they are tracing,
  • They can chat to you about the shapes and numbers to improves their communication skills alongside everything else!

There are probably many more, but that will do for now 😉

To download the numbers, just click on the image below and its is yours!

Number tracing for kids is a great activity to help with co-ordination for learning to write - give it a go with our sheets. And they are FREE! #writing #tracing #homeschooling

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