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Tracing the number eBook for kids

We gave you some shape tracing for kids last week on the site, and we are completing the series with our tracing the number pack, or eBook, for kids today!

We’ve got numbers nought to nine for the kids to trace around, so ten worksheets for them. Bound to keep them busy for a little bit, so that you get to have a cup of something, right?

We know that you like to see what we have in store for you when you download our resources, so here is you chance to get your eyeballs on the eBook so you can decide if this is something that you, your kids, or even your classroom would like to try out.

What is included within the tracing the number worksheets?

The first three pages of this workbook including the cover, the introduction to explain how to use the eBook, and the first tracing number for you. Obviously this is a one! We have a few little illustrations on the pages around our numbers, but the kids are welcome to add their own after tracing to help with with recognition, and, of course, motor skills.

We have tried to give the images sense for the kids too, so they are moving one illustration to another one logically, SO:

  • 1 – Move the caterpillar to the flower,
  • 2 – Get the dog into his kennel,
  • 3 – Bring the spider back to their web, and
  • 4 – Move the bird to their nest AND help the bat to find their cave.

For the next set of three numbers, there are more lovely illustrations to bring the tracing numbers to life for the kids:

  • 5 – Get the frog to the pond, and then the cute little goldfish into the bowl,
  • 6 – Help the monkey find the palm tree, and
  • 7 – Get another fish to his bowl.

Our final pages complete the set of ten – you can, of course, mix and match these as they are free to print to make bigger numbers to aid the kids number recognition, and naming right the way up to 100 and beyond! You can print more than one number on a page to turn them into flashcards too:

We love all of these cute little ideas to help the kids to learn their trace the numbers more easily. For these final three:

  • 8 – Get the owl into the hollow tree,
  • 9 – Move the ladybird to the flowers, and help the bee find their nest, and finally
  • 10 – Get the butterfly to their flower to pick up the nectar.

We trust you love these designs and ideas as much as we do.

Why tracing numbers is good for the kids

There are a number of benefits to tracing, both numbers and other items for kids, including

  • Developing fine motor skills,
  • Improving number recognition, particularly if you combine these number tracing sheets and create flashcards as an additional activity,
  • Pre-writing skills, to help with the movements that kids have to get to create more than just these numbers, and
  • Patience! Tracing teaches kids to be patient as well, lining up their sheets, and the paper effectively to make sure they get it right. And patience, as we know, is critical in helping kids to learn problem solving. If you give up too soon, you don’t build resilience either.

You could also use this as a New Year countdown, or any countdown – just print out the relevant numbers and all them to a board pulling them off one by one!

We’ve got a few other relevant activities on the site, alongside the shape tracing, that we have already mentioned. Pop along and check these ones out:

There are also some other great resources available on other sites too, so why not check out:

There are LOADS of benefits to tracing activities like this including:

  • It’s loads and loads of fun!
  • It means they have to SIT STILL and concentrate, which is a great skill to learn early in life,
  • Seeing something they have completed on their own boosts their confidence in their abilities,
  • Both sides of the brain are active; left and right,
  • Development of fine motor schools for helping them to learn to write later on,
  • They get to recognise the numbers (and shapes) they are tracing,
  • They can chat to you about the shapes and numbers to improves their communication skills alongside everything else!

There are probably many more, but that will do for now 😉

To download the numbers, just click on the image below and its is yours!

Number tracing for kids is a great activity to help with co-ordination for learning to write - give it a go with our sheets. And they are FREE! #writing #tracing #homeschooling

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We’ve loved having you on the site, and do feel free to come back anytime. We sometimes have cake. 🤣


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