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7 things you didn’t know you needed in a car until you had kids

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This is a sponsored post. When travelling with the kids, it helps to have a car that’s got everything you need to help keep your journey drama free. It’s bad enough hearing the dreaded… “Are we there yet?” without failing to optimise your car for kids travel.

So what should you be looking for in a family car to keep you sane on those trips with the kids?

What are those little features that make travelling with kids so much easier in your car - we've got 7 ideas to help keep you sane! #kids #familytravel #cars

Stay safe with a dashcam

First and foremost, safety is paramount in your car, but somehow this seems all the more important when you aren’t just responsible for yourself. When travelling with kids, it is worth making sure you have comprehensive Car Insurance, and a dashcam to aid any claims you may need to make. The Aviva drive app includes a dashcam, and even allows you to save on your insurance too; rewarding safer drivers.

Entertainment to play those audio books

Making sure you had the right music for the car was important before you had kids ; but you wouldn’t believe that an entertainment system is EVEN MORE critical when you have kids. Audio books on longer journeys are a godsend; they are also proven to be beneficial for kids too. That 50p spend from the local library can keep the kids entertained for, quite literally, hours.

As long as you can cope with the same story on repeat for your entire holiday of course….

iPad / tablet docs on the backs of the seats

If you are a bit fed up of that repeating story; modern technology could save the day. iPad and tablet holders on the driver and passenger seat backs could allow you to listen to your own music for a change. Just don’t forget to pack the headphones as otherwise you might be listening to Spongebob Squarepants in stereo… 😉

Cup holders for snacks too

You will be amazed at how thirsty kids get on longer journeys, so do remember to take water bottles. But the cup holders aren’t just good for this; they also make perfect little snack holders as well!

Big behind the seat pockets for kids travel stuff

Teething toys, colouring books, fidget spinners, packs of cards; it’s amazing what you need to put into the seat backs once you have kids. The more space in them the better. And if you do ever loose something on holiday; don’t forget to check you didn’t put it in your seat back.

As your kids get older, you may even find that smartphones have a funny way of almost always ending up these pockets….

Central armrest for car game fun

Who would have thought that a car armrest would be so critical to one’s sanity? However, they can make a perfect card table for longer journeys. Pack a ordinary set of cards, Uno, or even some Top Trumps, and as long as the kids agree on the rules, you may just get some peace and quiet.

Taxi glass partition to cut out the whining *just kidding*

Last but not least, who wouldn’t love a glass taxi partition, to pop up when the whining from the back all gets a bit too much? All just at the flick of a switch….!

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