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Shape tracing for kids

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Today we have a few free resources for you to help younger kids with their handwriting skills; shape tracing for kids. This is a really lovely activity to improve hand-eye co-ordination and to encourage some of the movements needed in your kids for when they start to form letters, and numbers at pre-school and in their formative years at school.

Shape tracing for kids is a wonderful activity to build co-ordination and prepare for handwriting; pop to the site and take a look! #learning #kids #homeschool

We’ve got eight shapes for you to trace, alongside some rather cute little pictures of bug, and animal lifecycles; so it isn’t as dull as you might think it would be! Shapes are:

  • Circle,
  • Hexagon,
  • Octagon,
  • Pentagon,
  • Rectangle,
  • Square,
  • Star, and
  • Triangle.

We’ve got ladybirds, bees, bats, worms, penguins, owls, pumpkins, and spiders alongside the tracing.

We do have a few other activities on the site that will help you kids out, so do go check these out as well:

There are also lots of great activities for kids on tracing outside of this site of course as well, do pop over and check out some of these too:

There is sooooo much here that you are spoiled for choice, right?

If you want our shape tracing, all you need to do is click on the image below, and it is yours to download.

Shape tracing for kids is great for developing skills to aid writing - check these out! #tracing #writing #homeschooling

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Thanks for taking the time to come and visit it, and we hope that you are going to be back with us soon.


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