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Day 11: Summer connect the dots activity #KiddyChartsSummer

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We are already into day eleven of our countdown, so why not check out what wonderful giveaway we have for you today on the site? It’ll be something to keep those little ones entertained over those long summer months, or perhaps to distract you?!?

We have another free printable in the 2nd day of our countdown too, This time is it another wonderful summer themed connect the dots activity for the kids….we all love a good dot the dot, right?

We have a summer activity dot to dot for you today; can you tell what it is? #kids #printables #summer #dottodot

Can you tell what we have for you this time? Flowers? A couple of rather cute little animals? Why not join the dots and find out?

You might like to colour it in afterwards then as well perhaps?

We’ve got more fun for this for the summer with all the activities that we have on the site, so why not take a look at them all?

As usual, we’ve got another printable for you tomorrow, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So do sign up so you don’t miss out.

So if you want the lovely printable just click on the pinable image below. If you don’t fancy it now, why don’t you just pin it for later?

Summer activities for the kids - free printables, a connect the dots this time, and more on the site #summer #printables #kids

Sure you have had fine downloading this, so do come back for the day 3 printable tomorrow as well. And don’t forget the giveaways too – there are lots more to have fun with this summer. We’ve got scooters, prams, and toys to give away to you all!


Mike Marko

Tuesday 10th of July 2018

Thanks for sharing, a wonderful artwork activity for kiddos they will totally love this one.

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